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May 28
School Drop Off

​Hi everyone,

We understand how busy everyone is in the morning trying to get their children to school and then off to work.  However, there is a serious problem happening at Barkers Point, in particular during the morning drop offs.  We have some cars cutting across on-coming traffic to park against the flow of traffic in the bus zone.   We do not mind a quick drop off in the bus zone after 8:00am as long as you are going with the grain of traffic and the driver remains in the vehicle. Every morning there are close calls with vehicles almost colliding with one another trying to cut across the grain of traffic.  There is a place to turn around by the next street past the school.  Please use this area to loop around and then properly drop your child off facing the proper traffic flow.

For the safety of our students we look forward to your cooperation with this important issue.

Thank you.

no parking signe.JPG


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