Grand Manan Community School

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​Day of Coding - Java ​                                              ​                                           


Math ​ ​ ​
​KenKen Puzzles ​Exchange Rates
Candy Crush Pay Deduction Tables
​Tic Tac Toe ​Credit Card Project
Make 24

History​ ​
Prezi Tutorial Child Labor - Primary Documents 1 ​Child Labor Video 1
​Industrial Revolution Prezi Child Labor - Primary Documents 2 Child Labor Video 2
Introduction to the Industrial Rev.​ ​Child Labor - Primary Documents 3 Urbanization Video​​


​World War I - Videos
Alliances​ Food​ The War Revolution 1914 
​Sommes - Didn't get far ​Life In The Trenches The Mail Service
Colonies​ ​Joining Young Summary Video - WWI



World War I​ World War II          Holocaust           ​
​Weapons The War Begins (short series) Survivors
 Assassination Rise of the Third Reich The Camps
Assassination 2 ​ The End on the Eastern Front ​Liberation
​WWI Quick Summary Information Site​
​The Bomb




GAD​ ​

​Unit 1:
Principles & Elements of Design

Unit 2:
Software Application Evaluation
Unit 2:
More Software Applications
This is Sand Wordle - Word Clouds
Bomomo ​Tuxpi Photo Editor
​Paper Criters The Scribbler
Art Pad


​Unit 3:
Unit 4:
Lindsay Lohan Makeover Video Drawspace
Extreme Makeover



​ ​