Fundy Middle and High School
Principal's Message
Welcome to another year at Fundy Middle and High School. We here at the school are really looking forward to what the 2019-2020 year has in store for all of our students and the surrounding community.

I encourage you all to start the year on a positive note and get yourself involved in something that will allow you to explore your potential and surround yourself with friends new and old. Push yourselves to try new things while bettering yourselves with the activities you have always enjoyed and you will benefit from knowing you are a valuable part of our school's culture. There is no better way to take advantage of your classroom education than immersing yourself in everything that surrounds it and applying it to your own life.

This year we at the school hope to focus on the benefits of good citizenship and bettering our school community through our actions. The first step towards this goal for our students and staff at Fundy Middle and High School is to always be putting our best effort into all that we do personally as that is the foundation for establishing a striving environment. Acknowledging our diversity is also critical in being the best school that we can be, and if we work to respect and appreciate our differences and all of the unique things that come from our varying backgrounds then we will be creating opportunties for Fundy to be the most vibrant school community it can be.

So I invite you to take advantage of every fantastic opportunity we have to offer here at Fundy Middle and High School and immerse yourslf in Mariner Nation. All the best this year, and should you ever need anything my door is open!
Patrick McDade
Fundy Middle and High School