Deer Island Community School
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"We will work collaboratively to ensure that every child in our care becomes a lifelong learner prepared for academic and social success."
For all of us here at Deer Island Community School, this is much more than a mission statement.  These words are embedded in everything
that we do on a daily basis.
  Each teacher has taken ownership of every student in our care, not just the ones that sit in their classroom every
  From team meetings to school-wide initiatives and celebrations to best practices, we continue to be inclusive and collaborative.
Communication with our DICS families and the community has become a priority in our building, and we continue to promote this through our
weekly newsletter, school and teacher websites, student agendas and Synervoice.
  Our doors and lines are always open and we look forward
to working with the entire school community for the betterment of our students.
Tim Davis