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November 18
QMS Masks

QMS masks are now available from Theriault’s Reflective Images, Orders will be shipped directly to your address, usually within 48 hours. Several designs to choose from. Follow COVID-19 protocols and show your Cougar PRIDE at the same time! An option to add your child’s name to the inside is available, probably a good idea to add this to your order as our collection of lost masks is growing daily!​

September 29
MS Teams Handbook for Students / Parents
September 03
QMS Operational Plan
August 27
Grade 6 Virtual Tour of QMS
August 24
Mandatory Use of Community Masks in School

As per provincial direction, every student and school personnel must ensure they bring a mask to school. The mask must be cleaned daily.​ Parents will be only able to enter the school if they have an appointment or are picking up a sick child. Parents will need to wear a mask, physical distance and follow any other health and safety protocols.

Masks must be worn at all times while outside of the classroom. 

November 29
School Closure: Activities for Students

​When it beocmes necessary for school to be closed due to inclement weather, students are still able to take part in meaningful learning. Suggested activities include:

- independant reading

- journal writing

- independent research (Project)

- work assigned from teacher websites

- work on upcoming projects / assignments

- free websites:

   - Prodigy Math <>

   - Readworks <>


November 20
New Items at the Cougar Stop

​The QMS store now has a number of new and exciting items. The store is open at lunch for students, and during parent-teacher times or by appointment for parents.

Cougar Stop Price List 2019.docxCougar Stop Price List 2019.docx

August 29
QMS Cell Phone Policy

High value items such as cell phones, gaming devices, etc., are not permitted during instructional time, and for security reasons should be kept at home, or turned to silent and placed in bookbag. The school holds no responsibility for the security of these items should students choose to bring them to school (see page 6, Student Handbook).

 Cell phone use is not permitted during instructional time, unless specifically authorized by a teacher for educational purposes. Students not adhering to this policy will have their phone confiscated as follows:

1st Infraction = returned at end of day by teacher;

2nd Infraction = returned at end of day by Admin; and

3rd Infraction = held in office until parent picks up. Student loss of privilege to bring phone to school. 


August 29
Safe Arrivals Program

QMS is currebtly using the 'Safe Arrivals' automated program. We hope that this will more easily allow parents to report student absense, and for the school to track attendance. Please see the attached documentation for more information.


Safe Arrival FAQ - Sept 2019.docxSafe Arrival FAQ - Sept 2019.docx

 Record an absence using one of the following methods:

Call toll-free:  1-833-219-9065

•             Website:

•             Mobile app:  SchoolMessenger

For more info visit:​

January 18
Internet / Digital Safety Resources

​Please visit the Canadian Centre for Child Protection's website at or by calling 1-800-532-9135. This site contains a number of very informative resources to help parents naviagate the very difficult and challenging issues that arise as our children enter the digital world of social media.

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