April 21

Good Afternoon HRVES Families,

We are currently looking at offering an afterschool program beginning in September 2022.  To make sure the program is feasible we need to know if parents would be interested in afterschool care.  If you need afterschool care in the fall of 2022, please call the office and let us know.  Once we have determined that there is enough interest, we will move forward with the process of securing a program.  Just a quick reminder for parents of children in Kindergarten and Grade 5 that you need to go online and choose your child's program for the next school year.  Your choice is English Prime or French Immersion.  The information on how to complete the online form can be found on the HRVES web page in the menu bar.  On a final note, we have a child in grade 2 that has mixed their boots up with another student.  The child has a pair of black Bogs with one size 13 and the other size 2.  If your child has a pair of black bogs at home, would you mind checking to see if they are both the same size.  We would like to get the right boots on the right feet, if possible.  Thank you and enjoy your day.

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