October 26

​Good Afternoon HRVES Families!  We are looking forward to starting Hot Lunch soon.  However, we are still looking for volunteers for Wednesday.  If we don't have any volunteers for Wednesday we will begin by serving Hot Lunch on Monday and Friday for the time being.  Hot Lunch will look different this year.  Lunch will be made in the cafeteria and then delivered to the teachers in the classroom.  It will be the teachers responsibility to serve each child.  We have an Operational Plan in place for Hot Lunch and we will be posting it to our website in the near future.  There has been a change in the school calendar.  This Friday will be a Professional Learning Day for all staff.  Our focus will be on On Line Learning and preparing for continued education in the event of a school closure.  We are all hoping this does not happen!  The events planned on Friday will now be held on Thursday.  Students are invited to wear orange and black on Thursday.  Teachers will be in touch with you regarding Halloween parties.   Please keep in mind that treats for the whole class will not be accepted at school.  If you send treats for children other than your own we will have to return them to you.  Thank you for your understanding.  Have a great day!​

October 21
Talk Mail

Good Morning,

This is Mrs. Graham from HRVES just reminding you that tomorrow is Picture Day.  Pictures will be taken in the library with all physical distancing measures in place.  We will not be sending the proofs home tomorrow due to the amount of time it will take to do pictures.  Proofs will be sent home in the near future.  Poinsettia and Cheese orders were sent home yesterday. This is an annual fundraiser for us here at the school.  On a final note, please make sure you child comes to school each day with a clean mask.  We are working hard to keep everyone safe and your help is much appreciated.  Thank you and have a great day.  

September 07
First Day...first week

Good Afternoon Hammond River Valley Elementary School Families!


The next three days are going to be exciting.  The staff and I cannot wait to meet the new Kindergarten students and see how much all our grades 1-5 students have grown.  The school is ready.  When students come off the bus this week, they will be lined up outside by their classroom bubble.  We will have staff members there to take the children into their classes one bubble at a time.  If your child is in Kindergarten one parent may escort them to their classroom.  You will have to enter through the front door, sanitize your hands, and sign in at the office before you go to your child's classroom.  Please keep in mind that you will need to wear a mask while in the school.  You will have approximately 15 minutes to get pictures and tell your child you will see them after school.  Before leaving the building, you will need to go to the office and sign out.  This is for Kindergarten parents only. 


We want to advise you that the school is not open to the public.  Therefore, if you want to enter the school you will have to call and make an appointment.  If you are dropping items off for your child or your child is late for school, you will need to ring the doorbell, and someone will meet you at the door. 


The playground has been divided into 7 play zones.  Each class will be assigned to a zone at the beginning of each week.  Students will sanitize their hands before they go outside and again after they come inside.  Please see the details of our daily routines to keep everyone safe in our Operational Plan on our web page. 


On a final note, at the school year progresses we will need to make changes in our Operational Plan.  I will send a voice mail when these changes are made so you will be kept in the loop.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at 832-6023.


This message will be posted on our web page under announcements. 


August 31
Staggered Entry

Good Afternoon,

This is Mrs. Graham from HRVES.  During the next two days teachers will be making contact with parents regarding staggered entry next week.  Teachers will be speaking to you directly or leaving you a message.  If you have not heard from your child's teacher by Thursday morning, please call the school at 832-6023.  School supplies were purchased by the school this year.  School fees for Kindergarten are $40.00 and for grades 1-5 $45 for the year.  You will need to purchase a lunch box, book bag, a pair of inside shoes that fit properly and do not mark the floors, a water bottle, and a face mask.  Water bottles will go home each day with your child.  The water bottle needs to come to school clean and filled with water each morning.  Masks should be clean each day also.  Your child's name must be on all of their belongings.  This is not a time when we want water bottles, lunches and masks to become mixed up.  

On Wednesday afternoon I will be sending home a message regarding buses, drop off and pick up for students beginning on Tuesday.  I will also put this information on our school web page for you to read.  

Thank you and enjoy your day.

August 12
Back to School Information

Good Afternoon!  This is the first of many messages you will receive from HRVES in the next few weeks.  Over the summer the Departments of EECD and ASDS have been working diligently on plans for students to return to school in September.  Of course, with so many variables in play this has been a huge job.  Tomorrow, Thursday, August 13 the Minister of Education, Dominic Cardy will be holding a press conference at 2:30 to share return to school plans.  In the next couple of weeks, we should have busing, staggered entry (which will be for all classes this year), and an Operational Plan in place.  We will be sharing this information with you as it becomes available.  I would also like to encourage to become members of the Anglophone South School District and HRVES Home and School Facebook pages.  You will find useful information posted on these sites.  Information will also be posted to the HRVES web page. 

This year school supplies will be purchased by the school and paid for through your student fees.  You can find this information on the HRVES web page.  You will need to provide a pair of inside shoes that fit properly, lunch box, book bag, a mask and a water bottle.  Water fountains have been removed from the school and are being replaced with bottle filling stations.    Water bottles and masks will have to be taken home each day and washed before they are returned to school the next day.  You must put your child's name on each of these items.  WE all know how many water bottles, book bags and lunch boxes they sell at Costco and they all look alike.  Please be patient with us as we work through the return to school.  Things will change and be adapted as we go along.  I will be in touch soon.​

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