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November 22
Orange Phase

Good Evening HRVES Families,

This is Mrs. Graham and I would like to take a few moments to share some information with you.  As you know our Zone went into the Orange Phase over the weekend.  This means that we will be making a few changes here at school.  Beginning tomorrow morning all students will be required to wear a face mask on the school bus.  This includes those who are sitting together from the same family.  Our bus drivers will not be able to pick up students that are not wearing masks at their bus stops.  I will be monitoring the exiting of the busses very carefully during the Orange Phase.  

Students will also be required to wear face masks while they are in the school during the day and outside on the playground.  There are a few exceptions when students will not have to wear face masks.  These include when they children are eating, when they are sitting and working at an individual desk alone, and when they are in Physical Education Class.  Speaking of PE class, while we are in the Orange Phase we will not be able to use any communal equipment and it has been suggested that we teach individual exercises/or walk.  Therefore, we will be having most of our PE classes outside.  Please dress your child appropriately for an extended outside play time of 20 minutes three times a week.  There are changes in music as students are not able to sing or play wind instruments at this time.  

During the Orange Phase we will be taking more time to ensure that students and staff wash their hands appropriately, cough in their elbow and  maintain a 2 meter distance whenever possible.  I want to assure you that staff members will be wearing masks at all times, unless they are eating or in their classroom alone with the door closed.  Our custodians are doing a fantastic job of keeping our school cleaned and sanitized.   I really appreciate their diligence during this pandemic.  

During the Orange Phase it is important that you send your child to school with two clean masks with their name on them each day and a filled water bottle that has their name on it also.  We now have fillable water bottle stations in the school but we are trying to minimize the traffic in the hallways.  I realize that this is extra work for you and I appreciate your support.  

On a final note, on Monday afternoon a baggie will be coming home with your child.  This baggie contains two days of school work and log in information and passwords for websites your child will be using if we enter the Red Zone and schools close for students.  IF schools are closed, staff will be reporting to work and providing children in Kindergarten to grade 2 with paper/pencil work to do at home.  Each teacher will be checking in with their students each day.  In grades 3-5 the teachers will be providing work as well as teaching on line.  I know that many of you have issues with internet and computer devices.  We are aware of these issues and will support you as best as we can IF this happens.  

Thank you listening to this long message.  I will post this talk mail on our web site.  If you have any concerns, please reach out to your child's teacher or myself.  We will return your call as soon as we can.  


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