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August 31
Staggered Entry

Good Afternoon,

This is Mrs. Graham from HRVES.  During the next two days teachers will be making contact with parents regarding staggered entry next week.  Teachers will be speaking to you directly or leaving you a message.  If you have not heard from your child's teacher by Thursday morning, please call the school at 832-6023.  School supplies were purchased by the school this year.  School fees for Kindergarten are $40.00 and for grades 1-5 $45 for the year.  You will need to purchase a lunch box, book bag, a pair of inside shoes that fit properly and do not mark the floors, a water bottle, and a face mask.  Water bottles will go home each day with your child.  The water bottle needs to come to school clean and filled with water each morning.  Masks should be clean each day also.  Your child's name must be on all of their belongings.  This is not a time when we want water bottles, lunches and masks to become mixed up.  

On Wednesday afternoon I will be sending home a message regarding buses, drop off and pick up for students beginning on Tuesday.  I will also put this information on our school web page for you to read.  

Thank you and enjoy your day.


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