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Role of PSSC

  • Advise the Principal on the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan
  • Participate in the selection of the Principal and Vice-Principal(s)
  • Review results of the School Report Card
  • Advise principal in development of school policies in accordance with district, and provincial policies
  • Provide on request of the Superintendent, input on performance evaluation of the principal, vice-principal(s) relating to the PSSC
  • Communicate with the District Education Council (DEC) relating to PSSC.  

Responsibilities of Members

  • Participate in all committee meetings

  • Maintain high ethical standards

  • Respect other Committee members

  • Work collectively toward improved education development, student achievement

  • Limit discussion to matters of concern, in the best interest of the whole school community

  • Work for a positive consensus-building school environment

  • Support open communication

  • Create and strengthens successful relations between parents, teachers, students, school staff, community

  • Encourage all forms of parental involvement and support;

  • Follow principles established by the Committee to achieve goals and objectives identified in the School Improvement Plan

  • Encourages parents to support education  

2018-2019 Committee Members

  • Mary Ann Mackay (Chair)
  • Lauren Anderson
  • Robin LeRoy
  • Sherry-Ann Soodan
  • Suzanne Villacastin
  • Laura Henry
  • Michelle London
  • Lisa Tran
  • Robyn McMullen
  • Julie Matthews (Teacher)
  • Tammy Doherty (Principal)
  • Lisa Hussey (Vice Principal)(Vice Principal)


2018-2019 Meeting Dates




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