Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Meeting September 28, 2006



Present:  Betty Locke, Evelyn Post, Mary Stilwell, Vasoula Papadopoulos,

                  Robert Munro, Christine Hoyt, Dan Trecartin, Gina O’Rourke, Francine

      Valiquette, Nancy Littlewood


Regrets:  Nancy Jones, Sandra Bartlett, Patty Munkittrick



The meeting was called to order at 7:13pm.


The agenda was approved as circulated.


Betty Locke was elected Chair.  She would like someone to volunteer as vice-chair who will carry on as Chair next year.  Deferred until next meeting.  Recording Secretary will be handled on a rotating basis:  Francine – November, Gina – December, Evelyn – January.


Meeting dates:  November 2, December 7, January 18, February 22, March 15, April 12, May 10, June 7.


The minutes of May 18, 2006 and June 8, 2006 were approved as circulated.




Nutrition Guidelines for District 6 and 8 were distributed.  The new guidelines seem to be generally accepted by students.  Committee members noted that the cafeteria seemed much improved.


DECs have advised of their new website:


District has notified of the launch of “Celebrate What’s Right with the World” on Thursday, October 12 at 10 am at KV Wesleyan Church.  PSSC members should advise Betty before October 6 if they would like to attend.


PSSC Budget


Bob will bring budget figures to next meeting.






Update on parking/traffic concerns


Committee noted the changes to parking lot, traffic flow is generally much improved.  Conditions at end of school day are not as smooth as morning.  Letter will be sent to District thanking it for prompt action, noting improvement, and requesting information about timing of next phases.  To come back to next meeting.


Fall Health Fair


Approximately 20 agencies have agreed to participate in the Health Fair, scheduled for Wednesday, October 18 from 9 until 1.  Grade 9s are primary target group and will attend during class time; Grades 10 to 12 will be invited to attend at noon.  Committee approved expenditures of up to $250.  Nancy L. will contact all agencies with final details.  Nancy, Gina, Christine and Betty will attend that day.  Mary will arrange student assistance with set-up and take-down. She will also prepare a scavenger hunt that will encourage students to visit each exhibit.  Dan will arrange to get apples for the students.  Presenters will be invited to visit cafeteria for coffee and muffin.  Betty will check about giveaways such as pencils, stickers, etc. and will call Global about the event.  District 6 has been advised.  Bob will send talkmail to parents.  Christine will get t shirts to be used as draw prizes for scavenger hunt.  We will send article to Valley Viewer after the event.


Expectations Initiative


Committee reviewed the Behaviour Training Outline that was used by all teachers during the first week of school to establish common expectations and language around behaviour and attitude.  Committee’s comments about the initiative were very positive.


School Improvement Plan - distributed


To be discussed at next meeting.


Student report


A lot happening!  20 Lessons referred to earlier were worthwhile and well received by students.  Andy Thibodeau, motivational speaker, was very positive.  University visits have been appreciated by graduating students.  Fundraising for Run for the Cure has been very successful.


Principal report


KV High has been selected as pilot school for Inclusive Education Project which speaks well for its progressiveness in this area.  Teacher training modules will be developed.  Because of numbers, a Grade 9 class had to be added about three weeks after the start of school, which was quite disruptive.  This fall there was a very smooth integration of foreign students, including 9 students from Beijing.




Pilot literacy course is underway.  A group of students from HMMS have laptops as piloted last year;  other laptops have been added to complete a class.  There is a very active staff Wellness Committee with a number of initiatives under consideration. 


Drug Proof Your Kids, a parent training program, will begin October 11 in the evenings and run for 6 weeks at the school.  There is still opportunity for registration at 847-7696.  Dan will send the promotional information on this session to Bob to be distributed to middle and high schools in our district, and also to Mr Gallant to be posted on the school website.


Christine noted her appreciation of the invitation to hear Dale Lang speak and also for the opportunity for her boys to attend FI at U de Moncton.


Parent Orientation night was successful.  There was some discussion around format, particularly the PSSC part – most committee members like it as is.


Some proceeds from the Fall Fair will go to assist the pastor at KBC (the home of Wednesday Kraft Dinners) and Mary Donovan, Grade 10 student, both of whom are ill and facing costly treatments.  It was noted that the school is cautious about supporting fundraising causes, particularly for individuals.


The meeting adjourned at 9:57pm.




Next Meeting: November 2, 2006 at 7pm.