Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting September 29, 2005

Present: Betty Locke (Chairperson), Nancy Littlewood, Nick Papadopoulos, Patty

  Donovan, Kelly Munkittrick, Mary Stilwell, Robert Munro (Principal), Karyn

  Locke, Christin Clarke, Christine Hoyt (Recording Secretary).

Regrets: Sandra Bartlett, Nancy Jones, Dan Trecartin

1.         Meeting was called to order.


2.         The agenda was approved as amended.

3.         The Committee selected Betty Locke as Chairperson and Christine Hoyt as Recording Secretary for the 2005/06 school year. Dan Trecartin was appointed as a community member for the coming year.

4.         Future Meeting Dates – the meetings will usually be the second Thursday of the month except when this conflicts with a school or other event. The dates for 2005/06 are:

October 13th (Before Health Fair)

November 3rd (First Thursday due to Remembrance Day) *(revised Nov 17)

December 1st

January 12th

February 9th

March 2nd (First Thursday due to March Break)

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th (A June meeting may not be necessary. The decision will be made in May.)


All dates are subject to change by agreement of the Committee.

5.         Approval of the minutes from the June 6, 2005 meeting was deferred until the October meeting.


6.         Correspondence:

a.   The District Educational Council (DEC) has a new website with excellent resources. The site is

b.   A document entitled “Education Outline” was received. It has statistics on NB public education for 2004/05, such as the number of graduates, the number of drop outs, pupil/educator ratios, etc.

7.         Student Health Fair:


Date is confirmed as October 19, 2005 from 9am-11:30 am. The speakers are booked but need to be confirmed. Nancy Littlewood and Principal Bob Munro agreed to do this. The space will be set up and the exhibitors met and told where to set up by Patty Donovan. Letters will be delivered to local merchants soliciting food donations by Christine Hoyt. Kelly Munkittrick will solicit a donation of water from Irving. Betty Locke will finalize the evaluation forms. At the October meeting arrangements will be made as to who will pick up the food donations as neither Kelly nor Christine will be in town on October 19th.


8.         Student Fees


After discussion a motion was made to reduce student fees for families with 3 or more students in the school.


“Parents will be charged student school fees of $30 for the first and second child in the school, and then charged $10 for each additional child. The Principal will retain the discretion to waive or lower school fees for any child based on financial need or special circumstances.”


Moved: Patty Donovan

Seconded: Kelly Munkittrick

Unanimously approved.


The Principal will send out a notice to families next Spring.



9.         School Improvement Plan Objectives

The plan will be discussed at the October meeting. Objectives need to be set for the 2005/06 year. Betty Locke will send out the notes from last year’s discussions to the members.


10.       Updates:


Dress Code – Students are adhering to the dress code quite well.

No parking signs – A talk mail reminder will be sent to parents asking them not to park between the no parking signs at the entrance to the building and to drop off students in the student parking lot when the buses are present.

Ventilation – the first phase was completed with the second phase scheduled for next summer if the District capital budget allows.

PSSC budget – A report was given on the budget balance. The Principal will check as to what has been expensed to date and will poll teachers for ideas on how the 2005/06 budget can be spent and then bring recommendations to the Committee.


11.       Millican Drive – the hole in the fence has been repaired, students have been advised not to loiter on any property neighboring the school property and the Principal has been doing spot checks in the area.


12.       Reports:

Student Report (Karyn Locke) – The dress code has met some success. Questions were raised about the students from China, Korea and other countries and a discussion was undertaken on how to ensure they felt welcomed and that they meet Canadian friends.


Principal Report (Bob Munro) – MacLean’s rated KVHS second in the country for academic success and then the Telegraph Journal and Globe and Mail carried the story. There are 1139 students in the school (80 over the teacher load). The PSSC chair will attend the next DEC meeting on nutrition. The next parent/ teacher meetings are scheduled for Nov 9th (evening) and 10th (daytime). The school is waiting on an on-line mark system to see which system the district selects. Report Cards are due out the first week of November.


13.       Other Business:

The PSSC wants to send kudos to Ms. Wilson for regularly sending out e-mails to parents on when assignments are due, etc. Parents have commented on how helpful it is.

The PSSC also wants to compliment the leadership team on the success of the Grade 9 orientation during the last month.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Thursday October 13, 2005 at 7pm.