Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

October 4, 2004

Attendance: Betty Locke, Patty Donovan, Charles Hache, Kelsey Dean, Dan Trecartin,

Nancy Jones, Sandra Bartlett, Kelly Munkittrick, Monique Caissie, Robert

Munro, Tammy Oliver, Nick Papadopoulos, Brian Flewwelling.

Regrets: Karyn Locke


The meeting was called to order at 7:09pm.

Election: Betty re-offered to be Chair, with Kelly offering to be vice-chair. Patty re-offered to record minutes. A discussion about appropriate meeting dates led to the following dates being agreed upon: Wednesday November 3, Monday December 6, Wednesday January 12

The question of quorum was discussed and it was decided that seven members, which could include only one student, would constitute a quorum.

Review of minutes:

-The School Improvement Group no longer exists.

- Follow up on parking issue in front of the school

Action: Bob to look into it.

- Budget was discussed and Bob will outline and circulate it at our next meeting.

- Nick requested a list of existing committees working in the school.

Action: Monique to ask committees how the PSSC can be supportive of their work, either with money or having a member sit on their committee.

New Business:

- Tammy reported on attending a workshop called Peaceful Parenting. Overall it was a positive learning experience, however, she felt that the district program gave more hands on information for positive parenting.

- The 5-minute break change was discussed. Robert will meet with students to discuss the issue. A variety of opinions were given.

- Sexual Health Survey - we are moving forward with the survey. Robert reported that the cost will be minimal and the committee felt that with one change, adding abstinence to the list, we could move ahead.

Action: Patty to make changes and send to Bob who will get it out to students.

Action: Patty and Kelly to tally results

Student Report:

- Bathrooms still an issue.

Action: Bob to discuss that with staff.

Principal's Report:

- PSSC pamphlet circulated

- Declaration of confidentiality signed by members

- Date of Orientation for new members October 28 @ 7:00pm @ Hampton Resource Centre

- Report on "Making a Difference" in-service for staff

- Hand out on School Improvement Plan- Goals and objectives for Improvement discussed

- PSSC is interested in the SIP process. It was suggested that the PSSC create directional goals that could be included in the SIP. Monique suggested that Allan Davis be contacted to facilitate a session.

Action: Bob to contact Allen Davis and set up a convenient time and date for this to happen. Action: all members to compile a list of actions for directional meeting.

- Mrs. Doyle-Yerxa has offered to attend a PSSC meeting to discuss KV Players and Kidsing. No decision on this was made.

Adjournment 9:40pm