Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting November 16, 2006


Attendees – Betty Locke, Bob Munro, Nancy Jones, Gina O’Rourke, Christine Hoyt, Evelyn Post, Dan Trecartin, Sandra Bartlett, Vasoula Papadopoulos


Regrets – Nancy Littlewood, Patty Munkittirck, Mary Stilwell, Francine Valiquette


Call to Order – 7:06 pm


Approval of Agenda


Minutes of Sept. 28th, 2006 – Approved




Note from Mary Donovan


Card of Congratulations from Zoey Watson re: 2006 Health Fair


Sky Rocket Launch Disc – available at the Work Room


Student Report


Fall Play “Romeo & Juliet” playing Nov 16th, 17th & 18th


Post-Secondary Activities for Grads:

-         HMS Brunswicker – Info for universities, RCMP and military. Session was rushed, as Departure from school was late.

-         NBCC – tours provided and some students had the opportunity to sit in on the class

-         Nov 29th, UNBSJ will provide tours


Fundraising Activities

        All Rooms are gathering non-perishables for Food Bank

        Drive to get coloured photos for yearbook

        Rip Seeley Memorial Basketball Game – provides scholarship for KVHS student


Grad Activities

-         Belinda’s Bash – promoting Safe Grad


Drug Proofing Your Kids – Dan Trecartin


-         Good turnout – over 20 in attendance

Drug Proofing Your Kids – Dan Trecartin


-         Positive Feedback

-         Further Information:

-         Hoping to run program again in March, 2007


Action: Suggested a blurb regarding program should be added to Parents Corner of website.


Report on PSSC Forum, Oct 19th – Betty Locke

- Discussion of District Improvement Plan

- Ends Policies & Goals

-         Cst. Belliveau presented film on Drug Awareness

-         Also discussed “Celebrate what’s Right with the World” which focuses on the positive. Monthly Themes like” “Believe it and you’ll see it”.


Report on Meeting with DEC – Nov 2nd – Betty Locke/Gina O’Rourke


Attendees: Betty Locke, Gina O’Rourke, and Nancy Littlewood


-         Contact Lists provided of other PSSC’s

-         Discussion of School Improvement Plans – emphasis on 3 yr plans

-         Sample Data Reports distributed

-         Newsletter from new Minister of Educ. Kelly Lamrock


Action: Betty will scan newsletter to members.


Wellness Survey – Bob Munro


-         UNB Pilot Project to determine school Wellness Profile

-         Questionnaires to be distributed regarding 3 main areas: Smoking, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.


Parking update  - TABLED to next meeting


-         No response back from District

-         Concerns of Parking during school dances, potholes in drop-off area and better lighting




-         Phase 1 completed, Phase 2??




Recap: Fall Health Fair  - Betty Locke

Recap: Fall Health Fair  - Betty Locke


-         Well received, good response

-         Planning for next year in April

-         Scavenger Hunt handouts probably should be distributed at event. Back up sheets will include all potential presenters.


PSSC Budget


-         3360.00/year, 1600 spent

-         Roughly 200.00 for Health Fair

-         Will need some funds for Staff Appreciation Breakfast

-         Fiscal Year ends March 31st, 2007

-         Suggestions for remainder of funds: Monies to update website


Action: Christine Hoyt (Ad Hoc Tech. Comm.) to explore options.


Web Awareness – Bob Munro


-         General incident filmed at school and posted on Internet.

-         Administrators are working with Cst. Demers regarding Web Safety and Awareness for students.


Action: PSSC interested in session for parents. Could be included in SIP.


School Improvement Plan  - TABLED to Dec. Meeting


-         Need to focus on new input.

-         Strategies:  Discipline Policy, Harassment, Bullying

-         Review Student Agenda for current policies

-         Youth Apprenticeship Program, Work Passports


Action: All PSSC members asked to brainstorm for new ideas and review previous actions for Dec meeting.

Betty Locke exploring Youth Apprenticeship Program


Principal’s Report


English Language Assessment to be held the end of the month.

Perception and Wellness Surveys – follow-ups will be provided.

Follow-Up to Cafeteria Incident will be provided.


Next Meeting: Thurs., Dec 7th, 7:00 pm