Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

November 1, 2004

Attendance: Betty Locke (chair), Brian Flewwelling, Monique Caissie, Robert Munro, Patty Donovan (recording secretary), Dan Trecartin, Nancy Jones, Karyn Locke, Kelsey Dean, Charles Hach‚, Sandra Bartlett, Kelly Munkittrick.

Absent: Nick Papadopoulos, Tammy Oliver

Guest: Allan Davis


Call to order 7:05pm

Approval of the minutes

October 4, 2004 minutes were amended to include changes to the spelling of Caissie, and Flewwelling, and to include that the quorum for a meeting is 7.

Action: Patty to revise minutes and send to Betty so the official minutes may be posted.



Old Business

Sexual Health Survey

Betty collected them and tabulated them. An extensive discussion led to the following actions:

- Patty, Kelly and Betty offering to review the stats and make recommendations to the committee,

- Betty to call Tammy and inventory library pamphlet rack to see what is currently available.

New Business

School Dances

Nancy expressed concern about alcohol at the recent dance. A discussion revealed that the teachers are diligent and do their best to put people out who may be intoxicated.

Guest Speaker

Allan Davis walked us through the SIP to determine what we, as a committee, would like to focus our committee work on.

Central Elements of an SIP Goal:

- is it measurable

- is it attainable

- is it specific

- what are the indicators of success (checks and balances)

- it has time lines

- assigns responsibility to a person or group

- supports the school mission statement

- has to have impact on students

School's Mission focus points:

- high quality education

- diverse needs of students

- inviting but disciplined environment

An SIP must also Keep In View:

- meet the elements of the mission statement

- time commitment must be realistic

- single event or on-going commitment

- lasting impact on the students

- look at the big picture (over all)

- how much control do you have over the goal

- what is plan B

A brainstorming session led to the selection of two issues to focus on this year:

- Student Health Awareness

Means of achieving this goal may include a Health Expo, circulation of information, potential creation of a poster with web sites and where to access information.

Action: All members to send suggestions to Patty about the Expo; Bob to send Betty SIP chart and Betty to circulate to all members.

- Dress Guidelines

Action: Nancy and Sandra to contact other high schools, with Bob's support, and research what guidelines are in place and any stats to back the creation of dress guidelines.

Action: Betty to write a thank you note to Allan Davis.

Student Report

1. Breaks working well

2. Spook trail went well

3. MacBeth coming soon - opens Thursday Night

4. Post Secondary day for students coming soon. HMCS Brunswicker- all schools invited to discuss post secondary education

Principal's Report

1. workroom- Career Awareness Centre now run by Stephen Chase. He is creating a program where all grade 10's will be introduced to the 6 destinations and self-directed search. Focus on raising awareness of the Workroom as a community resource.

2. To help alleviate the parking problem at the front of the school lines and "no parking" are to be painted in the driveway. Bob asked the committee, should the monies not be covered by the district, would we cover the $200.00.

Motion Patty, 2nd Dan, motion carried

3. KV test results on Provincial Exams- KV has ranked highest in Math and English in Districts 6 and 8.

4. Budget- Bob asked the committee to allocate approximately $1560.00 to cover the cost of talk mail and extra phone lines.

Motion Nancy, 2nd Sandra, motion carried.

5. Bob has requested PSSC manuals from the district but they have not arrived.

Adjournment 9:10 pm

Next Meeting: December 6th, 2004 @ 7:00 pm