Kennebecasis Valley High School PSSC Meeting

Monday, May 25, 2009


In attendance:


Mary Alice Glasgow (secretary) Bob Crowley

Nancy Littlewood Kelly Wear

Carole MacFarquhar Dan Trecartin

Robert Munro (Principal) Nancy Jones

Craig Logan (Chairperson) Patti Munkittrick

Allison Park (student rep) Sonya MacAskill

Regrets: Derek Mullin, George Hector


Guests: Inga Boehler (Dept of Ed) re: potential changes to the School Review Process ; (Heather, Ann & Jane)


Minutes of May 6th were approved.


There was no correspondence.


Student Report (Allison):

Film Fest is now happening. It is the first Annual and has student made films. Sherry Aske organized it.

Athletic Banquet May 27th with Awards

Academic Banquet June 2 was started by the Renaissance Committee. It will be held in the Theatre.

Spring Fling was very successful.

Safegrad barbeque will be held May 30th.

Grad Class Dinner June 3rd.

Farewell Assembly Gr. 11s & Gr 12s; then exams, then Grad, then Prom.

Reach-for-the-Top won Ont. Championship. They went to the Nationals, won the semi-finals and came second in the Finals.


Action Items:



This app. is still needed. decision made to discontinue AutoDialer.



Try to get feedback from parents, students, teachers Bob Crowley to action.



Suggestion made to approach it more from a community perspective rather than school.


Health Fair

Kelly Wear will work with Carole. The date settled on was October 22nd. Start calling now.


Information items R. Munro:


Parent/Student/Teacher Survey - since 1999, KVHS has improved in every area. Feedback needs to be worked into SIP.


SIP draft will be done in 2 weeks. Changing to a one year SIP. Mr. Munro is to send out his draft. Add from PSSC in September/October. Members are to look at now and in Sept. to see if there is anything to be added. Send Craig Feedback. ENDS policies SIP has to correspond with. MAG is to look for the Process Map for SIP.

Perception Survey Results discussed. The teacher review mechanism was also discussed as there were questions about how teachers get evaluated.


June 25th is the Grad date next year.


There are changes in PD days not in 2009/10 but the next year 2010/2011.


Security Cameras there are 4 of them. They work based on movement.


Mary Alice described her involvement with the PACE (Plan to Achieve Career Excellence) program thru Aliant Pioneers and Post Secondary Education, Training and labor.


School Information night is September 16th, at 7 pm.



Items for Sept. agenda:


Losing 4 PSSC members (Nancy, Dan, Nancy Jones, Patti) need 4 new.

Budget table it early in the fall.

Need a new PSSC chair Craig Logan stepping down due to other commitments.

School Improvement Plan

Health Fair