Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting May 18, 2006


Present: Sandra Bartlett, Nancy Jones, Betty Locke, Nancy Littlewood, Emily Love,

              Robert Munro, Mary Stilwell, Dan Trecartin


Absent:  Christin Clarke, Patty Donovan, Christine Hoyt, Karyn Locke, Kelly

               Munkittrick, Nick Papadopoulos



The meeting was called to order at 7:13pm when a quorum was reached.


The agenda was approved as circulated.


The minutes of April 6, 2006 were adopted as circulated.



Spring Fling

Spring Fling was held in Oromocto April 21 and 22nd.  Betty attended sessions on April 22 on the NB Ombudsman, the NB Education Portal, the Accountability Framework, School Education Review, Student Services and R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


Liaison Meeting with DEC

PSSC chairs and other PSSC representatives selected by their committees met with the DEC on April 20.  Discussion centered on initiatives undertaken at various schools, our responsibilities and how committees are functioning.  The PSSCs present agreed that our committees do not in actuality have the input into SIPs intended in the PSSC Manual.


How to Drug Proof Your Kids Pilot Project

A small session will be run on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm to provide additional preparation for the facilitators in advance of the planned fall session.


Substance Awareness

Tech set-up will be required for the information meeting May 25th.  The Rothesay

Regional Police will do student sessions the following Monday and Wednesday.  A session will be held for staff on August 29. 


Update on Traffic / Parking

ADI has observed traffic flow at the school and submitted a plan to District office.  The plan is being evaluated to determine if it can be done in stages to be more affordable.  Morning congestion is clearly a safety concern and a drop off area is high on the priority list.






The results of the grade 9 assessments done in November have been received.  Three concerns about the assessments were noted: 1) timeliness of results is inadequate for remediation, 2) creation and evaluation of the assessment, and 3) there is no mechanism for feedback other than overall results. Students with modified programs are exempt from the assessment however students who normally receive accommodations do not receive them for these assessments.  The expectation of the Quality Learning Agenda is that all students will pass the assessment before graduation.  It was noted that KVHS results were better than district and provincial results.


PSSC Budget

            It was moved by Nancy Littlewood and seconded by Sandra Bartlett that we

provide $1500 from our budget for talk mail and phone lines for the school.




To improve communication between the school, home and the community it was suggested that a publicity committee comprised of students (possibly journalism) be organized to collect information on upcoming events at the school and to distribute that information to the Valley Viewer, KV Style, radio stations, once a week talk mail and to be posted on the school website.


Homework Policy for Ill Students

When a student has been diagnosed with an illness or condition that will prevent their attendance at school the homeroom teacher or guidance counselor should be contacted as soon as possible.  Subject teachers for that student are advised about the situation and commence delivering assignments to the office where they can be picked up at the end of the school day.  Home or hospital tutoring will be arranged for students who will be absent three or four weeks or more. 


Health Fair

The student health fair will be held Wednesday October 18 for grade 9 students.  Other students are welcome to visit the fair during lunch.  Nancy L will comprise a list of contacts.  Mary will customize the scavenger hunt for this year.


Student Report

The school won the provincial Reach for the Top competition and will be going to Edmonton.

At the rugby fest the girls placed second.

The grad class variety show and breakfast will be next week.

Blood services was here providing information on donating and blood typing.



Principal Report

Emily Love won the provincial French oratorical contest and will compete in


The grade 9 science fair went well. 

The school Spring Fling raised $1400 for the grad class. 

Ninety-six percent of teachers have applied for laptops.  As part of the pilot project begun at middle school we will have a grade nine class using laptops next year.   

Reach for the Top has to raise approximately $9000 to go to Edmonton.  Our second and third teams were in the intermediate final.  

Volunteers with the Kraft Dinner Lunch program hosted at KBC for our students have been invited to the café for lunch.

The Saint John String Quartet was here today.  In addition to providing an educational introduction to their pieces they answered questions after their performance.


Mental Health

A need for mental health services has been identified.  The district is undertaking

an initiative Celebrate What's Right in the World.  Each month will have a

different theme.  Mary will bring information on this to our next meeting.



Meeting adjourned at 9:31pm.


Next meeting:  Thursday June 8, 2006 at 7pm.