Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

June 6, 2005

Attendance: Betty Locke (chair), Brian Flewwelling, Robert Munro, Patty Donovan (recording secretary), Dan Trecartin, Nancy Jones, Kelsey Dean, Charles Hashe, Sandra Bartlett, Nick Papadopolous and Kelly Munkittrick.

Regrets: , Monique Caissie Karyn Locke.


Call to order

Approval of the minutes:

May’s minutes were amended to include changes to:

-KVHS is to be spelled out

- include that we redid the sex survey

Motion made by Sandra, 2nd Dan, Carried



-    Bob sent us correspondence about the report card, and will be addressed in his Principal’s report.

-    Cole’s Island School PSSC, along with Cambridge Narrows, asked us to support them in their bid to have a small school study done . Brian made the motion that we support them, and said he would write a letter to ask about viability and access to services. 2nd Sandra, motion carried.


Old Business

PSSC Budget- same amount as last year. We were asked again to cover the cost of the talk mail. Nick motioned that we should, 2nd, Kelly. Motion carried

ACTION: Bob to ask Teachers if that services is useful and report back to PSSC.

School Dress Code- Sandra read us Gary Keating, of Simonds High School’s dress code. It will be adapted to fit KVHS. It is to begin in September, will be included in handbooks, Bob will send a letter home to all students in advance of September, and it will be circulated to all Middle Schools. Discipline, same as step.

Handbook- it will include new student dress code and also kid help line and Human Development Council contact information in it.

No Parking Zone- discussion led to following actions:

Bob will ask the District to post signs, notice sent by voice mail to all students homes, special Events group to look at this issue as well. Cards to be created to place on cars who parking no parking zone.

Nick will write a letter to advise Bob.

Student Health fair- will be on October 19 actions:

Make a list of agencies to circulate to Teachers prior to the event.

Complete Pamphlet with HDC.

Create website poster.

Grade 9’s presentation then Health Fair

Grade 10’ to participate and get cards.


September 15 meeting to fine tune the fair.

Motion made by Patty to donate 300.00 to the HDC for the cards for our School. 2nd Kelly, motion carried.

Betty to invite PSSC’s to Health Fair

Communicate with Media to have event covered.

SIP- Form to be filled out by Bob

Kids Help Phone Program, Bob to circulate information.

School Photo’s- Oak Tree discussion about this is to continue.


Student Report

-    the amazing Joseph was amazing

-    Exams next week

-    Grad dinner tomorrow

-    June 20th Grad class variety show

-    French interviews happened

-    Kraft dinner went well all year and finished 2 weeks ago

-    Safe Grad


Principal’s Report

-    testing schedules out, Grade 9 exams- 2005 November 28th, for English Proficiency

-    November – December Grade 10 French Oral Exams

-    Grade 12 Oral Proficiency in March

-    PISA in May testing in either Math or Science for 15 year olds.

-    UofT National Biology Competition KVHS placed 2nd out of 453 Schools

-    Survey about Ed Line 77% answered yes to home work access

-    Bob reported on what is up with Ed line- we are waiting to see what the district does before committing.

-    School Cafeteria- district to tender to one company district wide.

-    Plagiarism lesson plan for teachers to be given to all students in all English classes.

-    School starts September 6

-    September 15 is meet the teacher

Adjournment 9:15 pm Next Meeting: September 15 @ 7:00 pm