Kennebecasis Valley High School
Parent School Support Committee
Minutes of Regular Meeting
May 14, 2003

Present: Betty Locke, Marilyn Holder, Robert Munro, Nick Papadopoulos, Claire

Barefoot, Shara Munn, Darrell Belyea

Absent: Brian Flewwelling, Tammy Oliver, Katelynn Craig, Rodrigue Hebert


Call to Order

Betty called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 9th meeting were approved as circulated.


Summary Statistics 2002/2003 from the Department of Education

Memo on rezoning - filed

There are approximately 200 less students entering kindergarten than are graduating from grade 12. Declining enrollment will have a continuing affect on the education system.

Marilyn will ask for additional copies of the Quality Learning Agenda and the Summary Statistics.

Old Business

- letters from Sussex Regional High School PSSC

Correspondence was received from Sussex Regional High School PSSC regarding the timing of the distribution of report cards and parent teacher interviews. The letter expressed concerns regarding the span of time between the distribution of the report cards very early in November and the parent teacher interviews late in the month. This delay does not provide the best opportunity for students and parents to address any problems in a timely fashion (prior to end of first semester). The committee agreed with Sussex PSSC's concerns and Betty will send a letter to the District to express our support on this issue.

Correspondence was received from Sussex Regional High School PSSC regarding Math 11A and Math 11B, a copy of a letter sent to School District 6 requesting Math 11B, now an elective, become mandatory. The letter was filed with no action taken.

Bob reported that a significant number of students failed Math 11A in the first semester necessitating scheduling changes to add an 11A class in the second semester and dropping an 11B class. Students must complete both Math 11A and 11B to write the grade 11 provincial math exam. Confusion arises because only Math 11A is required to graduate from high school however those going on to post-secondary studies also require Math 11B. It was suggested that the requirements for post secondary studies be made known to parents in advance so there are no surprises. Student should understand not only the requirements for graduation but also the requirements for post secondary study before they enroll in their grade 12 final year classes.

- letter from Community Asthma Care Center

Bob has not yet met with Dr Sanderson to discuss excused absences for students dealing with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes who occasionally miss class to attend clinics aimed at improving their health.

School Improvement Plan

Bob reported that the school intends for the focus of the SIP to shift from physical environment, discipline and management and concentrate more on curriculum. Bob did not bring copies of the SIP now in effect to the meeting. A major revision of the SIP will take place next year. Teachers will be completing a prepared questionnaire for each department towards developing professional growth goals.

Student Report

There were no issues to report.

Principals Report

Bob reported the following:

Thanks to Tammy for her efforts in organizing and promoting the Spring Fling.

The existing Auto-Dialer system used to communicate student absences is not working properly and the cost for replacement is appr. $ 4,000. Bob requested funds of $1,000 from the PSSC budget to be used for a new voice messaging system for attendance and voice mail. Bob will check with Sussex Regional High School who has one to find out if it is user friendly. The committee supported Darrell's proposal to let Bob decide on the system selection and also agreed to provide the requested funds.

Effective September 2003 there will be NO SMOKING on school grounds. A letter has been sent to the neighbouring Millican Drive residents inviting them to a meeting on this issue. There will be a meeting with students on June 03 and with parents June 10 to address any concerns they may have. The penalty for students caught smoking will be: first time offence - warning letter; subsequent offence - one to three days suspension from school. The school will be utilizing peer tobacco educators.

School To Work Transition Room: Furniture required for this space is in tendering process. It is anticipated the center will open mid June.

School Soccer Field: a donation of $14,000 was received from YCAP. Fundy Soccer may be contributing $5,000, however this amount has not been confirmed. The field is in need of drainage, topsoil and grass. The soccer field is located directly behind the football field.

A grant of $40,000 was received from Training and Employment Development to conduct a post high school survey of all 2002 graduates from Districts 6 and 8. The survey will ask students what their post graduation plans had been, what they actually did, and how their high school experience helped them.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 p.m.

Next meeting June 11, 2003 at 7:30 p.m.