Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting March 1, 2007

Present: Betty Locke, Christine Hoyt, Dan Trecartin, Francine Valiquette, Mary Stilwell,

   Nancy Jones, Nancy Littlewood, Robert Munro, Vasoula Papadopoulos

Absent: Sandra Bartlett, Patty Munkittirck, Evelyn Post, Gina O’Rourke,


The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.


The agenda was approved as circulated.

The minutes of January 18, 2007 were adopted as corrected.


A request for nominations for the Excellence In Teaching award has been received. Nominations must be in by March 23. Christine will send a talkmail advising parents of the opportunity to submit nominations.

Tatamagouche Centre is hosting training for the Living Values program March 2 – 4.

Members are invited to a Caring, Sharing & Learning symposium in Dieppe March 23 and 24. Anyone interested in going must register by March 5.

A thank you card was received from the staff expressing their gratitude for Staff Appreciation Week.

Student Report

A memorial service was held today for Ms. Lind.

There are six students from our school participating in the Canada Winter Games.

Staff Appreciation Report

The breakfast went well. A sincere thank you to Nick for his assistance. Treats were arranged for the other days with students assisting with the set up and clean up.


- Renaissance would like to have another donut day; Random Acts of Kindness awards; Golden Trash Can award and a barbeque on May 18.

- Making Waves would like to do a media presentation; buttons to promote awareness; printing for a poster contest and travel to middle schools.

- An electronic newsletter was discussed. A communications officer would be needed to collect and compile appropriate information. Remuneration would be a motivator for this function to be performed regularly. It was suggested to have a biweekly newsletter offering $20 per newsletter. A student performing this function would need a teacher to be in charge. Christine will draft a job description for a communications officer for our next meeting. Christine offered to draft a format for the newsletter as well as a letter to parents requesting email addresses to run a pilot project.

- The use of the projector and notebook provided by this committee is previous years was discussed.

It was moved by Dan and seconded by Nancy L that we buy another projector for the school at an estimated cost of $940 and that the balance of our budget for 2006/2007, after all expenses for the breakfast are paid, be divided between Renaissance and Making Waves. Carried.


Christine brought her notebook so that the committee could review the school website. It was noted that there is a substantial amount of useful information on the website however some areas have not been updated in almost five years. The webmaster is a teacher who has insufficient time to devote to website maintenance. Bob will meet with the teacher after March break and discuss getting the out of date items removed or updated. It would cost about $160 per day to provide a supply so that the teacher can devote that time to website maintenance.


It was decided by the committee to adopt two goals:

-    promote healthy self-esteem

-    enhance communication with parents

Principal Report

- The school is awaiting the installation of seven smart boards. Three more have been promised which will bring our total to fifteen.

- Staff assist with school dances. Funds raised are held by the dance committee from which teachers can apply for funding for projects.

- Our school was one of ten schools in Canada selected to be involved in a reality show taped by CBC. The taping was planned for last Tuesday and will be rescheduled.

- Community support during recent events has been very much appreciated.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

Next meeting: Thursday April 12, 2007 at 7pm.