Kennebecasis Valley High School
Parent School Support Committee
Minutes of Regular Meeting
March 12, 2003

Present: Robert Munro, Nick Papadopoulos, Tammy Oliver, Marilyn Holder, Betty Locke, Katelynn Craig, Claire Barefoot, Shara Munn

Absent: Brian Flewwelling, Rodrique Hebert, Darrell Belyea ________________________________________________________________________

This meeting consisted of presentations by photographers and discussion of their services.

Oak Tree

A wide variety of samples of their work was displayed. Oak tree has been the school photographer since 1992. Approximately a month before classes start a letter is sent to all potential graduates advising them of Oak Tree's services. Pictures can be taken at the school, including evenings and Saturdays, or at their studio in Hampton. Outdoor shots are only taken at the Hampton studio.

Students may choose digital or traditional photography. The sitting fee of $17.50 provides the student with 10 shots in traditional photography and a choice of 9 of the 12 poses taken in digital photography. Students may choose to have some of their poses taken in casual dress or with their family or friends. Proofs are available in 10 days for traditional photography. Those preferring digital photography can choose a CD or a proof sheet, which they can take with them that day.

Oak Tree offers a variety of packages ranging in price from $49.75 to $330 depending on the number and size of pictures desired. Oak Tree allows trading of sizes within the package selected.

Oak Tree operates their own printing lab for traditional photography. Digital pictures are printed in Nova Scotia. All pictures are printed on Kodak paper. Finished packages can be picked up at the studio or at the school.

Oak Tree prepares a composite picture of graduates to be hung at the school. There is a charge of $5 for pictures taken by other photographers to be used in the composite. It is the student's responsibility to ensure pictures taken by other photographers are delivered to Oak Tree for the composite.


HiLites is a local gallery that has been in operation approximately a year. They presented a computer compilation of their work and displayed a graduate proof booklet.

HiLites is a digital studio available to take pictures at their gallery or, if selected as the school photographer, at the school. The sitting fees vary depending on which sessions the student chooses. A 'gown' session at the school would be $20 and $25 at their studio. They also offer back/white and environmental sessions either of which can be combined with a gown session for $38. A single session consists of 8 images. Students can choose to receive a proof package, a CD or to view their images on-line.

HiLites offers a variety of packages ranging in price from $55 to $310 depending on the number and size of pictures desired. There is no extra charge for seamless retouching. Finished orders are available in three weeks.

If selected as the school photographer they would be willing to cover six major events throughout the year with on-line hosting of images through their own internet server. A grad class photo would be provided to each student who places an order through their gallery. They would be available to take pictures during the prom with finished images at reasonable rates provided that same evening.

HiLites would prepare a composite picture of graduates to be hung at the school. There would be a charge of $10 for pictures taken by other photographers to be included in the composite. Alternately they would shoot a picture to be used in the composite for the same $10 fee. An 8x10 color copy of the composite would be offered to members of the graduating class for $5.


Mr. Flewwelling displayed two proof sheets as an example of his work.

Mr. Flewwelling uses digital photography and students are provided with a proof sheet, which is available at the time of their sitting. Pictures can be taken in the studio or outdoors but sessions cannot be split between the two. If both were desired two sessions would be necessary. A sitting fee of $18 provides the student with six poses. Alternately the student can have nine poses for a sitting fee of $24.

Mr. Flewwelling offers a variety of packages ranging in price from $50 to $310 depending on the number and size of pictures desired. Mr. Flewwelling operates his own framing shop.

Mr. Flewwelling, if selected as the school photographer, would prepare a composite picture of graduates to be hung at the school. He prefers not to use pictures taken by other photographers in the composite but will take a picture for use in the composite for a $6 fee.


Oak Tree HiLites Flewwelling
Deluxe $330 Group One $310 Plan 1 $295
1-16x20 framed 1-16x20 1-16x20 framed
2-8x10 2-8x10
6-5x7 2-5x7 2-5x7
6-4x5 8-4x5 2-4x5
24 wallets 24 wallets 15 wallets
Package A $232 Group Two $260 Plan 2 $185
1-11x14 1-11x14 framed 1-11x14 framed
2-8x10 1-8x10
4-5x7 4-5x7 2-5x7
4-4x5 8-4x5
44 wallets 24 wallets 23 wallets
Package D $84 Group Six $85 Plan 7 $75
1-8x10 1-8x10 1-8x10
1-5x7 2-5x7 2-5x7
4-4x5 4-4x5
12 wallets 8 wallets
Wallets Wallets Wallets
12-$18.50 8-$18 7-$20
50-$46.50 48-$60 47-$61
Singles Singles Singles
8x10-$20.25 8x10-$38 8x10-$35
5x7-$10.25 5x7-$21 5x7-$19
4x5-$5.25 4x5-$12 4x5-$9
Sitting Fee Sitting Fee Sitting Fee
$17.50 $20 $18

Note: There are other packages groups and plans available.


The committee felt that high school graduation is a significant event for most students, particularly those that do not go on to further their education. Many students commemorate that occasion with graduation pictures. It was strongly felt that graduation pictures should be accessible to all students, especially having their picture appear in the composite and yearbook.

The committee was concerned with Mr. Flewwelling's reluctance to use pictures taken by other photographers for the composite. While he is willing to take a picture for a nominal fee to use in the composite the inconvenience to students of having to prepare for an additional sitting was considered significant.

The presentation by HiLites and their offer to cover school events was intriguing. Reservation was expressed about the short time they have been in business and therefore whether they would be able to follow through on their proposal. Mr. Munro expressed frustration with the delay in receiving pictures from them this year for the composite, and also in the quality of the pictures.

Oak Tree did a thorough presentation of their services and have shown that they are reliable.

The various packages offered by the photographers as well as their price ranges, sitting fees, quality of their work and composite policy were considered.


The committee recommended that the school continue with Oak Tree as the school photographer but revisit this issue again in two years.

Next meeting April 9, 2003 at 7:30 p.m.