Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Meeting June 8, 2006



Present:  Betty Locke, Nancy Jones, Kelly Munkittrick, Robert Munro, Sandra

                 Bartlett, Mary Stilwell, Nancy Littlewood


Regrets:  Patty Donovan, Emily Love, Nick Papadopoulos, Dan Trecartin, Karyn

                 Locke, Christin Clarke, Christine Hoyt


Guest:    John MacDonald



The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.


The agenda was approved as amended.


The minutes of May 18, 2006 were unavailable.


There was no Correspondence.



Update on parking/traffic concerns


John MacDonald presented the plan from ADI.  During the summer a drop-off lane will be created and graded, the parking lot graded, concrete barriers erected to direct traffic flow and (possibly) access to the staff parking lot changed.  Other changes, including paving will be budgeted for another year.  The committee was pleased with the plan and with progress to date.


Report on Drug Awareness Session


Committee noted that the information session for parents held on May 25 was excellent but that the small turnout was very disappointing.  One parent who attended, Janet Bordage, has offered to start a support group for parents of kids who are using drugs and will contact principles of high and middle schools in the area to get this initiative started.  The school presentations were well received and appeared to have made an impact on the students.  Rothesay Regional Police will be invited to attend the Parent Orientation night in the fall, scheduled for Thursday September 14.


The Drug Proof Your Kids parent training program is ready for delivery in the fall, with some final changes to be incorporated over the summer.  There will be a display and opportunity to sign up at the Parent Orientation night and other promotions.




Betty presented a DVD called PARTY, an acronym for Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth, which depicts an accident as a result of impaired driving.  Committee will ask student members of PSSC to recommend use of the DVD.



Fall Health Fair


Nancy Littlewood presented a progress report of agencies contacted/confirmed for the Fall Health Fair, scheduled for Wednesday October 18.  The list is appended to the minutes.  Anyone who has suggestions to add an agency, please contact Nancy.  Mary requested a brochure from each agency in advance of the fair in order to create the Scavenger Hunt, and so that teachers may reinforce learning.  Nancy Jones will coordinate the “giveaways”.



School Improvement Plan


Plan is completed and has two major goals:

  1. Literacy – literacy mentor in school, pilot course called “Reading Tutor” in the fall for Grade 9 students who have reading difficulties and require remediation.
  2. Level 3 initiative – disproportionate number of students at low end, under this initiative they will start out with marks to “lose”, purpose is to keep students focused on day to day learning, attempt to keep class sizes low.


Committee noted that a recent news story reported that Technical and vocational training is on its way back in to schools.  KVHS has maintained these courses all along, although detrimental at budget time because class sizes must remain low.  Committee expressed hope that staffing and budgeting needs will be acknowledged and will increase in future. 


School Improvement Plan includes PSSC plan.  Bob will send to Betty for distribution to PSSC.



Student report – none



Principal report – assembly for Grad Students today well received.  Other items covered earlier in meeting.




A question was raised about students unable to get the courses they select.  Is there any point in pre-selecting?  Yes – requests determine schedule and staffing.  Large numbers selecting a course means another section will be added.


It was noted that the second semester gets “lost” during parent orientation night – is there a way to incorporate this?  Difficult to add to an already lengthy evening and a second night in the new year would probably be poorly attended.


Committee thanked Kelly Munkittrick for his three year term on PSSC.


Elections will be held 6:30pm on September 14.