Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes January 24, 2005

Present: Betty Locke, Brian Fewwelling, Monique Caissie, Robert Munro, Dan Trecartin, Nancy Jones, Kelsey Dean, Charles Hache, Kelly Munkittrick, Nick Papadopoulos, Sandra Bartlett, Patty Donovan.

Regrets: Karyn Locke

Item: Tammy Oliver has resigned due to health issues.

Action: Betty to send Tammy a letter of thanks and get well from the committee.

Approval of Agenda as revised

Approval of Minutes- moved by Sandra, 2nd by Kelly that minutes of Dec 6, 2004 be approved as circulated. Carried.

No Correspondence

New Business:

Dress Code - staff and student input to be added

- Time line followed, all will take place after the March Break.

- Input will be sorted by Betty, Sandra and Nancy

- They will report back to the March meeting of our committee

- A discussion about educating the students about the dress code will be discussed at the next meeting of the committee.

Student Health Awareness- Monique to talk with Lillian, the Librarian about posters in the Library,

- Bob to talk to the new Nurse about circulating pamphlet

- Patty to research Pamphlet and compile list of contacts

Health Fair- For next meeting Patty is create a list of potential agencies/participants and contact names.

- Nick to bring in information from his work on health

- Most referred to February meeting.

- Spirituality was discussed. Dan is to pen something to show how the aspect of wellness can be incorporated into the fair.

- We need an evaluation from the students about the fair to see if we want to continue and make this a yearly event.

PSSC Budget- Bob to ask staff for suggestions.

Teacher Appreciation - Nick has offered to make breakfast for the teachers and will let us know what he needs.

- Dan, Sandra and Betty are available to work on this issue

- Betty and Sandra will telephone people to get food, etc donated for each of the days.


Student's- Exams coming up

-new play Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat

Principal's- dress code feedback mostly positive

- Chinese exchange students were here for 1 week and that went well.

Next meeting dates- February 7

March 14

April 4

May 2

June 6

Meeting adjourned.