Kennebecasis Valley High School
Parent School Support Committee
January 6, 2004

Attendance: Betty Locke, Kelly Munkittrick, John Mulligan, Nick Papadopoulos,

Tammy Oliver, Monique Caissie, Robert Munro,

Regrets: Brian Flewwelling, Darrell Belyea, Katie Oliver, Patrick Dunn, Clair Barefoot,

Katelynn Craig, Patty Donovan


Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.

Approval of the Agenda

It was agreed that the items 'condom and tampon machines' and 'sexual health survey' be postponed to next month, as Patty is ill this evening. It was agreed that the item 'garbage feedback' be postponed to next month, as Brian was unable to be here this evening. The student report was removed as no student is in attendance. The School Improvement Group report was removed, as they have not met since our last meeting.

The agenda was adopted as revised.

Approval of the minutes:

The minutes of December 9, 2003 are not yet available.


- Janet Ellis - Anglophone Public Education in New Brunswick

There was lengthy discussion and debate on Ms. Ellis' letter received through our email address on the school website. It was agreed that the letter be filed with no action taken and a reply sent to Ms. Ellis thanking her for her interest in our education system.

Old Business

1. Although the issue of condom machines was postponed to our next agenda the question was asked whether other high schools have these machines and their experience with them. It is believed that the machines were not utilized enough to warrant maintenance.

ACTION: Bob will check with other high schools.

2. Tammy has had no further contact with the Community Police Officer.

3. Although nothing specific has been finalized and no deadlines are yet set money has been allocated to the District and it is hoped the air system upgrade could take place next year.

4. Our budget for the year is $3213. An expenditure of up to $1600 for talk mail and phone lines was previously approved. Tammy was allocated $175. for staff appreciation. Expenditures should be committed by the end of January. Input was requested as to how best to utilize the funds.

ACTION: Bob will ask staff for suggestions.

Principle's Report

There has been a meeting of representatives of the ten schools that will be hosting Chinese students this year.

Exams start January 19th.

When the new semester starts on Wednesday January 28th students will go to each of their old semester classes for a brief time to receive their marks. Students will then begin their new semester timetable.

Several teachers are being hired for the second semester.

Adjournment 8:25pm

Next Meeting February 3, 2004 @ 7:00pm