Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes February 8, 2005

Present: Betty Locke, Brian Fewwelling, Monique Caissie, Robert Munro, Nancy Jones, Kelsey Dean, Charles Hache, Kelly Munkittrick, Sandra Bartlett, Patty Donovan, Karyn Locke

Regrets: Dan Trecartin, Nick Papadopoulos

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes - no minutes were submitted

New Business:

Pamphlet - Patty circulated her "Telephones for Teens" document and it was decided that Patty would create a mock up of the pamphlet for the next meeting

Poster - Patty to create a mock up for member to circulate before the next meeting

Health Fair - Date: Wednesday May 11, 9:30 to 12:30, with a 9:00am set up.

- There will be 5, hour sessions

- Patty to create a list for the fair and circulate it to members

Dress Code- students will go from room to room to discuss, feedback to be correlated by Nancy, Sandra and Betty; info to come to our next meeting

Budget - Bob to email budget so that we can vote on spending

Staff Appreciation - $30.00 to Sandra for decorations

- the sub-committee has it all arranged for each day

- Nick will do the breakfast, with help


Students - Exams are over

- report cards go home today

- Kiss day tomorrow

- Chinese students went back, it all went well

Principals - having the Chinese students was positive

- Scotiabank has donated furniture to the school

Emergency Preparedness Plan was discussed. It is comprehensive and complete.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting- March 14, 2005 @ 7:00pm

(Did not have quorum March 14, next meeting April 4)