Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

February 3, 2004

Attendance: Betty Locke, Kelly Munkittrick, Nick Papadopoulos, Patrick Dunn,

Tammy Oliver, Darrell Belyea, Clair Barefoot, Robert Munro

Regrets: Brian Flewwelling, Katie Oliver, Katelynn Craig, Patty Donovan, Monique

Caissie, John Mulligan

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:25pm when a quorum was achieved.

Approval of the Agenda

It was agreed that the item 'sexual health survey' be moved to the end of the agenda as Patty may arrive later. The School Improvement Group report was removed, as Monique is not here this evening. The agenda was adopted as revised.

Approval of the minutes:

The minutes of December 9, 2003 were adopted as corrected.

The minutes of January 6, 2004 were adopted as circulated.


An email received from Lord Beaverbrook Hotel about rates for school events was passed on to Bob.

Old Business

1. Bob reported that only one other school in District 6 has a condom machine and it is in the same state of disrepair as ours. District 8 schools do not have machines.

Tammy reported that she now has a contact phone number and will follow up.

ACTION: Tammy will contact the company.

2. Tammy has had no further contact with the Community Police Officer. She has determined that no one in the area is utilizing the teen DARE program.

3. The three-stage approach to a cleaner school proposed by Brian was reviewed. Members agreed with the first two stages (communication and awareness, and recognition and reward) but concern was expressed about a portion of the third stage (shame and discouragement). Students don't feel garbage is a huge problem.

ACTION: Betty will email Monique to determine the student council response and the school improvement group response to the three-stage approach to a cleaner school.

4. Bob presented three suggestions from the staff for use of the remaining funds in our budget. The suggestions were 1) a projection unit which would be kept in the office and available for sign-out by teachers and groups not only for classes but for presentations; 2) calculators or overhead projectors for the math department; and 3) a projection screen for the theatre.

It was moved by Darrell and seconded by Nick that we authorize Bob to purchase a projection unit from our budget with any remaining funds in this year's budget to be used for paper. CARRIED

ACTION: Bob will acquire the projection unit.

New Business

District office has requested a list of individuals willing to sit on appeals hearings. Bob explained that appeals have to do with transportation, placement or exclusion. Students cannot appeal suspensions of less than five days. Individuals willing to serve on appeals hearings are Kelly, Tammy, Darrell, Nick and Betty.

Student Report

Ten grade eleven Chinese students have arrived. They have reasonable English skills. Some are suffering from homesickness.

Safe grad planning is on hold as the teacher in charge has been out on leave.

Principal's Report

Bob explained that the school considers anti-bullying to be a high profile issue. The school has been utilizing "no blame" sessions to resolve individual incidents of bullying. These sessions are very low profile and are led by a specially trained teacher. The school utilizes "white jersey" students who are trained for their role in mentoring younger students. Grade 8 classes are visited the spring before students move to high school to inform the incoming students of expectations for behaviour.

Teachers as needed for the second semester have been hired.


Tammy displayed posters and literature she has acquired on smoking. These will be placed in the library.

Tammy briefly explained plans for staff appreciation week.

Adjournment 8:30pm when quorum was lost.

Next Meeting March 9, 2004 @ 7:00pm