Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting December 1, 2005

In attendance: Betty Locke (Chairperson), Nancy Littlewood, Nancy Jones, Kelly Munkittrick, Dan Trecartin, Robert Munro (Principal), Sandra Bartlett, Karyn Locke, Christin Clarke, Christine Hoyt (Recording Secretary).

Regrets: Patty Donovan, Mary Stilwell

Absent: Nick Papadopoulos

1.         Meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.


2.         The agenda was approved as amended.

3.         It was moved by Kelly Munkittrick and seconded by Sandra Bartlett that the minutes of June 6, 2005 and September 29, 2005 be approved as circulated.


4.         Correspondence Received: NB School Directory 2005/06.

5.         Review of Student Health Fair and Evaluations

The consensus was the fair should be held annually for Grade 9 students but it should continue over the lunchtime so that other students would have the opportunity to attend if they wish to do so.


6.         Movies Shown at School

A concern was raised as to the content of movies being shown in class. It was suggested that guidelines be developed for movie content. Sandra Bartlett will check with the District to see if they already have a policy on this.

7.         Millican Drive

Staff is continuing to monitor the situation.


8.         Nutrition Policy

The policy will take effect September 2006 and it will result in lost vending machine revenue of $20,000 to KVHS. The money has been used to fund sport and other programs at the school. The committee expressed concerns about the practicality of some aspects of the restrictive nutrition policy.

9.         Parking / Traffic Flow

Concern was expressed about the manner in which some students drive in the parking lot. Concern was also expressed about continued parking in the no-parking area at the front of the school. It was suggested this be discussed in conjunction with our SIP objectives.


10.       School Improvement Plan Objectives


The following issues were discussed: movies, parking/driving safety on KVHS premises, drug and alcohol availability and use by students, on-going health issues and access to programs. It was agreed the committee was more concerned with having a workable plan that was tangible and which they could sink their teeth into and expect results than having a plan that focused only on issues that were easily measurable.


After much discussion it was agreed a draft of a “wellness” goal would be distributed and members would comment on the draft a.s.a.p. (prior to the next meeting). At the next meeting we will finalize the details using a revised draft.


11.       Reports:

Student Report (Karyn Locke) – The senior girls' soccer and the boys' football won their provincial championships. The football team should be Triple A (12 man) next year. The Fall Musical was well done. The Variety show was also a success but some students were noisy during the show. Wednesday’s free Kraft Dinner lunches hosted by Kennebecasis Baptist Church are still popular with students.


Principal Report (Bob Munro) –The school has many, many great students but it also has students who use drugs and alcohol regularly. Ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana are available in the school. Users are less blatant than they had been as they now know they may be called on their behaviour (others have been). The Grade 9 English tests were administered this week (over 4 days). The school is short funding for 4 teaching positions. Of KVHS graduates, about 50% attend university and 70% attend post-secondary studies. The provincial national number is about 30% attending university.



      11. Other business


The Committee will host a staff appreciation breakfast again. The Committee unanimously volunteered Nick Papadopoulos to cook as he did such a good job last year. In addition to the breakfast last year other treats were brought in during the week. Staff appreciation will be discussed at our next meeting.

                  Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

                  Next meeting Thursday January 12th at 7pm.