Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

December 6, 2004

Present: Betty Locke, Brian Flewwelling, Monique Caissie, Robert Munro, Dan Trecartin, Nancy Jones, Karyn Locke, Kelsey Dean, Charles Haché, Kelly Munkittrick, Tammy Oliver

Regrets: Nick Papadopoulos, Patty Donovan, Sandra Bartlett

Guest: Andree Safford


Call to order 7:10pm


The agenda was adopted as circulated.

Presentation on proposed sexual health outreach

A letter was received from Public Health Services, Region 2 on a proposal for outreach sexual health services in Saint John and Kennebecasis Valley high schools. Bob reported that this initiative has the support of District office if it is approved by the PSSC.

Andree Safford is a nurse at the sexual health center in Saint John. It is located in the Mercantile Center, close to uptown schools and services young adults to age 25. They had approximately 4000 visits last year. A program already exists whereby a nurse is located at Simonds High and Hampton High. It is proposed that a nurse would be in our school one half day every other week. Ms Safford expressed concern on the high number of STDs which are at epidemic proportions.

Bob advised that guidance counselors and teachers sometimes find themselves in awkward situations dealing with students and sexual health issues. It would be preferable to have a health professional to deal with those situations.

Concern was expressed about confidentiality and pregnancy testing. The school operates under the general procedure to try to keep parents informed and with issues involving students under age 16 parents must be informed. The sexual health center operates under the Medical Consent for Minors Act under which information on under age clients cannot be devolved to parents without the client's consent. Our student representatives expressed their biggest concern with a center in the school would be privacy.

Ms Safford assured members that abstinence is a strong component of their educational program.

It was moved by Kelly and seconded by Brian that our committee support the establishment of a clinic at our school staffed by a sexual health professional as part of our efforts to promote healthy lifestyles for students. Carried (unanimous).

It was moved by Kelly and seconded by Brian that the clinic offer a range of services including pregnancy testing. Carried (1 opposed).

A copy of the results of the sexual health survey recently done at our school was given to Ms Safford.

Approval of the minutes

The minutes of November 1, 2004 were adopted as circulated.


A letter was received from Public Health Services.

The school directory for 2004-2005 was received.

Proposed dress code

The implementation of a dress code was discussed with education of students and parents seen as the biggest hurdle. It was suggested that if the code is not too restrictive it is more likely to be accepted. Dress codes have been more successful in schools where the District supports the school's position. A recommendation was made not to list specifics as this would invite students to find ways around it. It was suggested that we seek input from students and staff. Bob will take this issue to the next staff meeting (exam week). We will use the same procedure followed in developing the code of conduct. Homerooms will be consulted by mid February. The results should be ready for our March meeting.

Blood donor clinics

Betty received a call about the school's lack of participation in blood donor clinics. Bob advised that whenever he has been contacted in the past about holding a clinic one has been arranged.


District office is in need of parents who are willing to sit on appeals committees. Kelly, Tammy and Betty agreed to volunteer. Betty will forward their names to Joanne.

Student Report

- a grad class skate and a variety show were held

- Quebec exchange students have left

- yearbook sales have been impressive

- French interviews have been completed for this semester

- student involvement supporting those in Nackawic will be on the news

- swim team was 5th at regionals; provincials are this Friday

Principal's Report

There has been an in-service on Policy 701 - Protection of Pupils.

Adjournment 9:06 pm

Next Meeting: January 12, 2005 @ 7:30 pm

(Next meeting was postponed to January 24, 2005 at 7pm)