Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting April 6, 2006


Present: Patty Donovan, Nancy Jones, Betty Locke, Emily Love, Kelly Munkittrick,

              Robert Munro, Nick Papadopoulos, Dan Trecartin


Regrets:  Sandra Bartlett, Christin Clarke, Christine Hoyt, Nancy Littlewood, Karyn

               Locke, Mary Stilwell


Guests:   Zoe Watson, John MacDonald



The meeting was called to order.


The agenda was approved as amended.


The minutes of February 9, 2006 were adopted as circulated.



-A thank you card for staff appreciation week activities was circulated.

-The Nutrition Guidelines booklet for District 6 was circulated.

-A request was received for nominations for the "Excellence in Teaching"

              award.  This request had been circulated by email to committee members.

              This PSSC did not submit a nomination because it did not want to single out

              only one teacher in a school that has many excellent teachers.

-Spring Fling will be held in Oromocto on April 21 and 22. The registration

              deadline for anyone interested is tomorrow.

-There will be a liaison meeting of PSSCs with the DEC on April 20.


Dress Code

There is concern with the warmer weather that the dress code be enforced.


How to Drug Proof Your Kids

Eight local facilitators were trained in this program.  Dan reported that the presentation was weak but contained useful resources including practical information on understanding why kids take drugs.  The program consists of six sessions.  A pilot program will be run at KVHS beginning May 3 to allow the facilitators to improve their skills.  Dan and Nancy L have committed to offering themselves to KV, its staff and parents in presenting this program in the fall.


Reconsideration of Substance Awareness Date

This session was planned for May 25th.  Bob has a conflict on that date.  May

25th has been confirmed with Joyce Melvin from PASAGE and the Rothesay

Regional Police.  Bob has agreed to attend the other function that evening but

leave early as it is felt this awareness session is important and trying to

reschedule would be problematic.

Dan will be present that evening with information on the "How to Drug Proof

Your Kids" program which will be run in the fall.  Melanie Richards from

Ridgewood will also be here.


Update on Traffic / Parking

Zoe and John explained that our concerns have been investigated and the District agrees they are valid.  Possible ways to improve traffic flow and student safety have been explored with District staff and the town engineer. District has decided to seek professional advice to find the best solution.

It would cost approximately $60,000 to pave the student parking lot.  This item has been added to the capital work list but is low in priority.  The student parking lot will be graded to reduce the severe pot holes which exist.  The walkway from the staff parking lot to the front entrance will be redone.


Student Report

30 hour famine

Make Poverty History

Yearbook video presentation

Oratorical competition

Musical April 11&12, 18-22



Principal Report

Parent teacher will be April 18 from 4:30 to 7pm and April 21 from 8:30 to 11am.  May 5th is a subject council day.  The balance of last year's budget was used for a laptop for the school.  A "smart board" has been purchased with funds from recycling.  Bob will contact the police about drug awareness sessions for students the week of the session for parents.  


Fall Health Fair

Planning was postponed to our next meeting.



Meeting adjourned at 9:16pm.


Next meeting:  Thursday June 8, 2006 at 7pm.