Kennebecasis Valley High School

Parent School Support Committee

Minutes April 4, 2005

Present: Betty Locke, Brian Fewwelling, Robert Munro, Nancy Jones, Charles Hache, Kelly Munkittrick, Sandra Bartlett, Patty Donovan, Dan Trecartin, Nick Papadopoulos.

Absent: Monique Caissie, Karyn Locke, and Kelsey Dean.

Guests: Joan Stratton, Zoë Watson.

DEC report- Joan reported on what DEC is currently working on and what is new with the DEC.

Approval of Agenda

Approvals of Minutes- minutes of Jan 24, 2005 and Feb 8, 2005 were approved with the revision that minutes should state the date of the minutes being approved.

Action: Betty will make changes to originals before they are posted to the web.

New Business:


Provincial DEC News- out lining the spring fling

Card From Teachers thanking us for Teacher Appreciation

Budget- Our fiscal year runs from April to March

It was suggested that we purchase a screen for the projector with the remaining funds.

Motion- Betty 2nd- Kelly Approved

Dress Code- still being evaluated; issue Tabled to the next meeting.

Mental Health Awareness- students approached guidance asking to address the student body to discuss mental health issues. A discussion about how this issue could work into the health fair ensued and it was decided that on May 11 the grade 9's would gather in the am and would hear about mental health issues from the students, before attending the health fair.

Health Fair- all ready to go. Betty to invite a member from each PSSC, Bob to invite the media. Evaluations- to be circulated by Brian.

Questions to ask-

Youth- was this helpful for you, what did you like, what did you not like.

Presenters- do you think this was useful, would you come back again?

It was agreed that we should re-do the sexual health survey next year after Christmas.

Student Report- 2-hour lunch, Joseph starts Thursday, Dress Code

Principle's Report- Making Waves presentation looking at unhealthy relationships with Ms. Foster, our Youth went to Leo Hayes school to put on the Making Waves play

Immunizations will be given to all students Tetanus and DPT

Literacy on PD day

Home reports this Thursday, Parent/Teacher Friday afternoon

Adjourned- 8:40pm

Next Meeting May 2nd. 2005 at 7pm

(Did not have quorum May 2, next meeting June 6)