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June 08
Grad Message from TRHS
Good evening from TRHS:

Grads received a package of tickets today for graduation activities.  It contained 6 tickets for the Grand March on June 21st- 2 gold tickets for the foyer and 4 blue tickets for the gym.  Tickets will be required for admittance to the school grounds/Grand March.  Tickets will NOT be sold to the public.  Please note that Grads and their dates participating in the Grand March do not need a ticket.  They should distribute the 6 tickets they were given to guests.

Also included were 7 tickets for the Graduation Ceremony on June 23rd- 2 VIP tickets (with a red border) and 5 general seating tickets (with a blue border).  Students not needing all 7 tickets are asked to return what they do not need to the office so we can redistribute these to students who have requested additional tickets.  Requests for additional tickets for the Graduation Ceremony should be made to Mrs. McKiel at the school office.  These will be distributed on June 20th at the mandatory rehearsal.