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September 30
Grade 9 & 10 Workshops Underway

A series of workshops are underway to support grade 9/10s in their transition to high school.  Thank you to Mlle. Boutilier, Mlle. Trueman, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Burke-Callaghan!    

All of our grade 9 and 10 students completed the following:

Week 1 - Learning Commons Welcome Session with Library Assistant, Mrs Gray; 

Week 2 - Kindness : Becca Schofield TedXMoncton Video for Sept 21 Becca Told Me To Day. Discussion on what it means to you and challenge to engage in three random acts of kindness of the span of a week; as well as digital planning and organization - ie: calendar planning and time management;

Week 3 - Students anonymously wrote down the acts of kindness they were able to complete and created a Kindness Wall outside of Ms Johnson’s Classroom (photo attached) - as well as a workshop on Office 365;

Week 4 - Gord Downie Documentary for Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day. 


Planning for October includes Stress Management and Self Regulation, as well as Citizenship and Community Building with younger children and perhaps the elderly (Drew Nursing Home).