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February 08
Science 10 Students Create

TRHS Science 10 + Brilliant Labs

There have been some new changes to the Science curriculum and when Electricity was moved to Grade 10, the Science 10 took full advantage of this by partnering with Brilliant Labs to work with students on coding to create a project. The goal is to look at electricity and its application. This challenge was extended before the holiday and so it began with an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” theme. However, it has evolved into simply a challenge to CREATE. Brilliant Labs sent two people to do a coding session with all classes. Then, the students took what they had learned and were tasked with coming up with a project. Some of these projects are fabric based, such as the sweater and the hat, while others are not but they all tie in coding and electronic circuitry.

Sci10 1.JPG
Sci10 2.JPG

Sci10 3.JPG 

Sci10 4.JPG