School Rules and Policies

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Attendance & Punctuality
Please see the TRHS Attendance Policy under Documents.
Foul language and offensive gestures are not acceptable behavior.  Students who disrespect others will face consequences.
Students and staff have an absolute right to feel safe at school.  Physical, emotional, sexual or psychological intimidation will not be tolerated.


At TRHS, we believe that the interaction of students with other students, teachers, and school staff is an important part of our learning environment.  We expect that those things that interfere with this interaction be removed and stored away upon entering the classroom.  These things include:
  • Personal Music Devices (MP3 players, iPods, etc.)
  • Cell Phones, Beepers
  • Personal Game Systems (Nintendo DS, PSP, etc.)
  • Hats, Head dress bandanas, Hoods (Upon entering the school)
  • Sunglasses (Upon entering the school)
Please see the guidelines for use of Technological Devices under Documents (Bring Your Own Device Policy and Non-Compliance of Electronic Devices).
Student Dress Code
Please see the guidelines for appropriate student dress under Documents.
Student Conduct 
Students wishing to participate in any extracurricular activities or sports at TRHS must abide by the Athletic or Extracurricular Code of Conduct (found on the Documents page).
Students must have proper teacher supervision if staying in at noon, after school or in the evening, regardless of their reason for doing so. 
Independent, partner or group work, extra help/tutoring sessions, detentions, and all extracurricular activities must have a staff/volunteer supervisor.
Please see the TRHS Plagiarism Policy under Documents.
Representing our school in various activities throughout the district and province is a privilege that students must accept with a full sense of responsibility and pride. It should be understood that each student is an ambassador of our school, and the image that he/she demonstrates will be regarded as the standard for the entire student body. 
It is the desire of the school administration and the involved coaches/supervisors that the image of Tantramar Regional High be of a positive nature, one that will enhance the image of TRHS both within our community and elsewhere.  To that end, students are expected to follow a
A “Code of Conduct” contract is given to all students participating in school activities and reviewed by their coach/advisor, before it is sent home for parent/guardian and student signatures. The code regulations cover areas of academic performance, personal behavior, expected attitude, courtesy, appropriate appearance, necessary commitment and sportsmanship. All “Code of Conduct” forms must be signed before students are eligible to participate.  This document can be found on the TRHS website.
Anglophone East School District properties, including Tantramar Regional High School are tobacco-free.  This tobacco ban is in place during all school activities (including those off-campus) as well as any community based rentals and includes smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco.  The following procedure is in place for dealing with student behavior around smoking (including use of e-cigarettes):
  1. Students will receive a warning letter and a detention if found smoking on school grounds/during school events.
  2. A one day Out of School Suspension will be issued on a student’s second offense.
  3. A three day Out of School Suspension will be issued on a student’s third offense.
  4. A five day Out of School Suspension will be issued on a student’s fourth offense.
  5. A referral to the Anglophone East School District for consistent violation to school policy will be made if the behavior persists.
In working with the Town of Sackville and community neighbors, there are a number of areas around the school that are restricted areas.  No student shall be in the woods surrounding the school.  Students are not to cross the Trans-Canada Highway.  Students are also not permitted to be in the Tantramar Wetlands without permission.
There is plenty of other green space, including our fields that students are welcome to use.
At Tantramar we show respect for the building and those who share it with us. Students have a responsibility to act in a courteous and respectful manner when attending school dances. Dance supervisors are all volunteers. Volunteers who experience any kind of discomfort are unlikely to volunteer again; dances cannot be held without volunteer supervisors.
Specific rules which apply to dances are:
  1. Attending a dance under the influence of drugs/alcohol is prohibited.
  2. Students who are suspended or in TSPC on the day of the dance may not attend.
  3. Police officers may be present at the dance.
  4. All jackets, purses and gym bags must be placed in the coat check area.
  5. Students will not be permitted to use their lockers.
  6. Students will stay in the dance area (cafeteria or gym, foyer, washrooms).
  7. Students will present their TRHS Student ID card at the door.
  8. Students will enter during the first 60 minutes of commencement, unless prior arrangements have been made with a TRHS administrator.
  9. Students who leave the dance will not be re-admitted.
  10. Students must attend a full day of school the day of the dance in order to attend that evening.
  11. Guest passes must be approved 24 hours before a dance.
*Should a student behave inappropriately while on school property during a school dance, the following consequences will result:
Ø  Any student under the influence of an illicit substance and/or are guilty of gross misconduct (i.e. fighting) will be suspended from school and may be suspended from further extracurricular activities. The student’s parents/guardians will be notified and charges may be laid by the police.
Lockers are assigned to all TRHS students.  Lockers are not to be shared or exchanged.  Only locks issued by the school are permitted.
Students must always lock their lockers and keep their combinations confidential.  Valuables must be left at home.  The school will not assume liability for lost or stolen personal belongings.
School Locker Search Policy
Tantramar Regional High School provides school lockers for all students during the school year.  Students are not required to use a school locker; however, if school locker is used, the student agrees to keep only his/her belongings in the locker and no one else’s.
Students shall not keep any of the following in his/her school locker:
·         Drugs/Alcohol
·         Drug Paraphernalia
·         Stolen property
·         Anything that could be used as a weapon
·         Anything deemed by the school or police to be a danger to students
·         Anything that is illegal to possess
*A student is permitted to keep prescription drugs in his/her locker, if his/her doctor has prescribed the drugs for personal use.
Lockers are the property of Tantramar Regional High School, and the school has the right to open, search and inspect school lockers without notice if the school believes that anything (as listed above) is in the locker.
If Tantramar Regional High School searches the locker and a staff member finds anything (as listed above), the school may seize those items and use them as evidence for school discipline and potential referral to the RCMP. Tantramar Regional High School may request the RCMP to recover such evidence if discovered.  Parents will be notified.
The Library Learning Commons
Tantramar has transformed its large and inviting library space into a Learning Commons, dubbed "The Commons". There is an extensive and up-to-date non-fiction resource area consisting of over 10,000 books. It also holds a great fiction center with current best sellers (about 2,000). Magazines, newspapers, and audio files are also accessible. The Commons now comes equipped with a broadcasting booth and editing equipment. Students can grab a laptop and cozy up in our 'comfy' chairs to study, work, and/or read. Many websites have also been purchased by TRHS, specifically for our students, which includes World Book Online and Encyclopedia Britannica Online, to name only a couple. All the Commons' computers are internet accessible.
For sign-out purposes, a student number is issued to all students and staff. Library books may be borrowed for a two-week period with the option to renew them. Borrowed books are the responsibility of the borrower and they are to be cared for. If a book is ruined or not returned, the replacement cost of the book will be charged. Similarly, textbooks are assigned electronically to all students and are the responsibility of the borrower.
All grade 9s receive an orientation to The Commons where they will get additional information and familiarize themselves with the area. Visit and enjoy our new "Commons". It has something for everyone!