Daily Bell Schedule

                      ELP                         8:20-8:50   (Extended Learning Period)

Period 1                 8:55-10:00
BREAK                    10:00-10:10
Period 2                 10:10-11:10
Period 3                 11:15-12:15
LUNCH                   12:15-1:00
Period 4                 1:00-2:00
Period 5                 2:05-3:05


PLEASE NOTE:  A warning bell rings at 8:17 am to notify students morning classes are about to begin.  Students signing in after 8:20 am must report to the office and get a late slip.  If your child is going to be absent, report their absence in the school messenger system.  Students leaving school early require parental permission in the form of a note as well as reported in school messenger.  Students must sign out at the office prior to leaving school premises.