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June 20
Year End Activities

​Grade 8 Certificates will be given put Wednesday morning.

Grade 8 Water Activities Wednesday afteroon (weather permitting).

School Wide Bingo and Dance Thursday afternoon.

Grade 8 Pancakes Friday morning before school starts.

September 03

Sunny Brae Middle School Operational Plan – August 2020 – C. Falconer

As we receive information from the Provincial Health Department, and as the school year progresses, we will adapt our plan to provide guidelines to maintain an appropriate level of safety.

Community masks are required for staff, students, and volunteers on school grounds except when in the homeroom with the classroom bubble, or in an individual’s office.  The mask needs to be made of cloth and cover the child’s mouth and nose.  Upon arrival at school, students must wear a mask until the student enters their homeroom.  The only time students can be at school without their mask on is when they are in their homeroom.



·         All visitors must sign in at the office.

·         People entering the office need to maintain social distancing.  Staff and/or students entering the office need to be wearing a mask.

·         Maximum of 2 people in the office (Does not include people in the principal/Vice principal office or people in the photocopy room).

·         People will need to make an appointment to meet with someone at the office.

·         When possible, people will wait at the outside door and a staff member will meet with them outside the school.

·         When parents are dropping off materials for students, the parent will ring the buzzer and wait for a staff member or student to pick up the materials at the door.

·         If a student is being picked from school (other than end of day), parent will call the school once they have arrived or ring the buzzer and talk with the admin assistant, then wait outside for the child.


Parent Drop-Off:

·         Supervision begins at 7:45 am.  Students are not permitted to be on the school grounds until 8:00.

·         Parents can drop off their children at the Curry St entrance.  Students will exit the vehicle and enter the Curry St doors.  A staff member will help students gauge social distancing as they enter.

·         Students go immediately to homeroom when they arrive.

·         Breakfast Club options (breakfast on the go!) will be available near the entrances.


Photocopy Room: (connected to office)

·         Maximum one person in the photocopy room at a time.

·         Staff (apart from the admin assistant) need to be wearing a mask when using the photocopy room.

·         Photocopier needs to be sanitized following each use.



·         Students do not need to maintain social distancing between other students when in the homeroom. 

·         If a student leaves the class (ex: washroom, transition to music or tech, office, etc), the student needs to be wearing a mask.


Music Room:

·         Students will line up in the hall on the right-hand side if another class is still in the music room.

·         Students must wear a mask in the music class.

·         There will be no wind instruments being used in the music class.

·         At the end of class, students will sanitize equipment and area used.


Tech Lab:

·         Students will wear a mask during tech class.

·         Students must sanitize hands upon entering the tech lab.

·         All equipment and tables used during tech class will be sanitized by the students before leaving the room.



·         PE classes are reduced to 2 per week so each class has the gym without incorporating another class.

·         Each class will have an individual bin of equipment to be used only for that class. 

·         Students will wear a mask to the gym.  They will not be required to wear the mask during PE activities.

·         Students will be permitted to use the change room for PE.  Maximum of 10 students at a time.  Remaining students wait in an assigned area for students to exit the change room so another student can enter the change room.

·         Frequently touched areas will be sanitized by the students at the end of each class.



·         Cafeteria will not be open at the start of the school year.  Parents will be notified of the exact start date at least 2 weeks prior to opening.

·         There will be NO microwaves available for students to warm food.

·         Cafeteria orders will have to be placed in the morning during homeroom prior to 8:30 in the morning.  Cafeteria orders will be delivered to classrooms at lunch.



·         Students and staff sanitize hands upon entering the library.

·         Students and staff will wear a mask when in the library.

·         The librarian will wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.

·         Students from one class are permitted in the library at one time.

·         Students must sanitize tables at the end of a class library period.


Student Washrooms:

·         Maximum of two students at a time in the washroom.  Others must wait at designated areas outside the washroom.

·         Masks must be worn in the washroom.

·         Students must wash hands according to the pandemic standards.


Change Rooms:

·         Students must wear a mask in the change room.

·         Maximum of 10 students at a time in the change room.  Others must wait outside the room on designated spots.

·         Only students from one class can be in the change room at one time.


Staff Room:

·         Masks need to be worn until past the photocopier near the door of the staff room.

·         Maximum of two people per table in the staff room. 

·         Social distancing needs to be maintained when possible.  When not possible, masks need to be worn.

·         Staff will sanitize any areas they used in the room.


Guidance Office:

·         Maximum one student in the guidance office at a time.

·         Social distancing will be maintained, when not possible masks will be worn.

·         Surfaces touched will be sanitized


Principal/Vice Principal Office:

·         Students must wear a mask while in the administration offices.

·         Administration will wear masks when social distancing is not possible.


Conference Room:

·         Will only be used when necessary.

·         Masks will be worn in the conference room when meeting.

·         If staff are using the conference room at lunch (for eating), same procedures apply as staff room.

·         Surfaces will be sanitized at the end of meetings.


ISD Room: (Room #134)

·         Plexiglass barrier will be placed in the room.

·         Masks need to be worn if the barrier is not available and social distancing is not possible.

·         One student at a time is permitted in the ISD room.

·         Surfaces will be sanitized after each student.

Isolation Room:

·         Room will only be used for isolation purposes.

·         The student will wait in the room.  Any adult accompanying the student will wait outside the room.

·         Student will only leave for the washroom, located near the room.

·         Room will be sanitized after an isolated student has left the building.


Custodial Office:

·         Custodians and administration are the only people permitted in the custodial office. 

·         Any materials touched by anyone besides custodians will be sanitized.


Breakfast Club Room:

·         Masks must be worn in the breakfast club room.

·         Surfaces and equipment will be wiped each time the room is used.

·         Anyone preparing food must sanitize hands, surfaces, and equipment prior to use.


Book Room:

·         Masks will be worn in the book room.

·         Only materials being brought to the room or taken from the room will be touched.

·         Two people at a time are permitted in the book room.


Outside: (Lunch/recess)

·         Students wear a mask when outside.

·         Students will remain in an assigned zone during outside time.

·         Students will exit through specific doors to go outside for lunch/recess.  Students will enter through different doors.

·         Each class will have an identified area where they must stay during their time outside. 

·         Recess will run in two separate times. 

o   10:10-10:25 will be all grade 5 classes, all grade 6 classes and 6/7S.

o   10:25-10:40 will be 6/7C, all grade 7 classes and all grade 8 classes.

·         Lunch will run in to segments.

o   12:15-12:37 Outside – grade 5 classes, grade 6 classes, and 6/7S (all others will be inside eating in homeroom)

o   12:37-1:00 Outside – grade 7 classes, grade 8 classes, and 6/7C.


Cleaning Supplies:

·         C. Falconer and G. Nicholson will ensure we have cleaning supplies is all classrooms, washrooms, and other specific areas. 


March 22
Schools closed

​Sunny Brae Middle School is closed due to the pandemic until further notice.



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