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October 07
Updated list of prizes to be won from the Spin-a-thon!! Lots of new & exciting ones!!

To make things easier, all sponsors and prizes will be listed on this note, and will be updated as new ones are added, so please continue to check this note often! There will be prizes specifically for children, and there will be several prizes for adults who donated money to the fundraiser! We will be having a huge draw at the end of the fundraiser, and people will be contacted if they have won an item, so please make sure that names and phone numbers are written on the pledge forms!

A huge thank-you to the following sponsors: Sobey’s, Mike’s Bike Shop, Wild Cats, MacArthur’s Nursery, Lenny’s Take-out, Gisele’s Take-out, Kalia Hair Salon, Eagles Pool Supplies, Naturopath: Heather Drummond, the YMCA, My Gym, FYidoctors of Moncton, Moncton Wesleyan, & Streatch Wealth Management
  • The TOP seller will win a BIKE from Mike’s Bike Shop (value of $300.00)!!!!
  • The 2nd TOP seller will win a $100 gift card from Sky Zone!!!!
  • The 3rd TOP seller will win a Wild Cats Flex Pack (4 tickets & waterbottles)
  • The 4th TOP seller will win a $50 gift card to Empire Theatres
  • The 5th TOP seller will win a $50 ITunes/App gift card
  • The TOP selling CLASS will win a skating party!!
OTHER PRIZES (Your name will be entered into a draw to win any of the following, simply by donating to the fundraiser)
  • A 3 month membership to the YMCA
  • A DVD Home theater system
  • One of 2 gift certificates to Lenny’s Take-out Restaurant
  • A gift basket (filled with kid’s floaties and Sun Bum sunscreen etc) from Eagles Pool Supplies (value $160)
  • Gift certificate to Gisele’s Take-out Restaurant
  • Gift card to Amazon
  • Gift card to Famous Peppers Restaurant
  • Gift card to your choice of several restaurants (Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, etc...)
  • Hair supplies from Kalia Hair Salon
  • LED fun party light
  • Triangle light up telephone
  • One of 3 gift cards to Chapters
  • Gift certificate for a service/assessment by Naturopath: Heather Drummond
  • Movie gift card
  • My Gym of Moncton: One prize of 2 free weeks of classes (value of $32.00), and another prize of 4 free weeks of classes plus a t shirt (value of $64.00)
  • FYidoctors of Moncton: pair of children’s sunglasses and cleaning solution (value of $100.00)!
  • Large (878 pieces) Harry Potter LEGO set (age 9-14)
  • 1 of FIVE pre paid Visa cards!!!!
  • Gift certificate for a Dairy Queen cake
  • Icing decorating tube that comes with several different tip nozzles and cookie patterns
  • Home Depot gift card
  • Skateboard deck, grip tape, magazine
  • Pepsi products (water bottle, hats, shirt)
  • Wine Chiller
  • Pizza pans (several sizes)
  • Irving gas card
  • Several other prizes such as frisbees, travel mugs, stationary sets, Christmas cards, candles, etc...​