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September 21
ONE & DONE Spin-a-thon Fundraiser!!! What Does this Mean?

Our goal with this Spin-a-thon fundraiser is to raise $15,000 (donations can be provided from now until October 5th). IF we reach our goal of $15,000, we can purchase several important and necessary resources and school supplies for students. A few of these items include:

  • Sports equipment (for sports teams and gym classes etc...)
  • Referee fees
  • Technology such as assistive technology to improve student learning
  • Art supplies
  • Additional supplies such as books and other school supplies that are consistently needed
  • Guest speakers/presentations/plays
  • Busing for events and field trips
  • Community events such as skating, and the list goes on!
Most importantly, IF we reach our goal of $15,000, this will be the ONE and ONLY fundraiser held this year. Students will NOT be responsible for paying any additional fees throughout the year for any school events or field trips, and there will be absolutely no other fundraisers. This will literally be the ONE and ONLY time that you, as a parent/guardian, will have to donate money to this important fundraiser to help improve your child’s learning experience! Please share this, and the video posted on the site, and let’s get those donations in so we can reach our goal!!!!! Thanks!!! :)