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August 30
What's Happening



Labour Day, no school



*First Day of School

*Staggered entry for K students

*Breakfast Club begins(see attached poster for parents of Ks)



*Staggered entry for K students



*Staggered entry for K students



*All Kindergarten students first day

Please Note:

1/ Welcome back to school! We are excited to begin a new year and welcome the following new staff:

Meagan Wood, VP

Amy Gard, Gr. 1 French Immersion

Brianne Arsenault, Gr. 1 French Immersion

Maria Cochran, teaching Kindergarten Duggan

Mae Tavone, Librarian

Shelley Ward, Educational Assistant

Angie Gould, Educational Assistant

Lori Hall, Educational Assistant


2/ Meet the Teacher night will be Wednesday, September 11 from 6-7 p.m. We will start by all meeting in the school gymnasium for some brief messages before heading to classrooms. You will have the opportunity to visit two classrooms as needed during this time.


3/ SchoolMessenger is the program used to report your child’s absence. Some reminders regarding SchoolMessenger:


*If you are unclear about the use of SchoolMessenger or having trouble navigating it, refer to the district website under the parent tab. Then choose the SchoolMessenger app.

*Be sure to call in your child’s absence or late arrival prior to 8:25, when the school day begins.

*It is the parents’ responsibility to put a reason for the absence, otherwise it will be recorded as “Unexplained Absence”.


4/ All forms that need to be filled out at the start of the school year can be found on School Cash online ( If you require paper copies, please let your classroom teacher know or call the school and speak with Karen, our Administrative Assistant.


5/ A reminder to Kindergarten and Grade 1 parents that your child will come directly into the school to find their classroom and teacher on their fist day of school. For Kindergarten students, this means every day of staggered entry and for Grade 1s, Tuesday only. All staff will be available to help direct and/or help students find their classrooms.


6/ Cafeteria services will not be available until Monday, September 9th.


7/ Please note that dogs are not allowed on school property at any time.