September 2015
Please see the attached file, a letter from PSSC chair Amanda Marlin that describes some of the things the PSSC has been involved with over the years. The first meeting will be after Meet the Teacher on September 16.
Your Salem Parent School Support Committee (PSSC), October 2014
The Salem Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) is a group of dedicated parents who volunteer their time to assist the school.  We assist with enhancing school and community relationships, play an advisory role in regards to the Salem School Improvement Plan and policies, review assessment results and year end progress report, and help bring forward to the school your questions and thoughts.  To provide you with further examples of what the PSSC does we have included below a PSSC review from last year.  We are looking forward to another exciting and positive year.
We would like to introduce and welcome this year’s PSSC members. Returning members: Sabine Beisser, Catherine Gray, Becky Whittam, Andrew Wilson, and Samara Eaton (Chair).  New members: Luke Dowling, Bethany MacDonald, Amanda Marlin (Secretary), Becky Partridge, Kathy Truman. Our Home and School representative is Brain Neilson (President of the Home and School Association) and teacher representative is Mora MacDonald.
The first PSSC meeting will be Wednesday October 22 at 7pm at the Salem library, enter through the front doors.  Everyone is always welcome to attend, you do not have to be a member.
Please, always feel free to approach any of your members if you have questions regarding the PSSC or contact the Chair: Samara Eaton at 939-2257 or or contact Principal Ada Phinney at 364-4072.
Have a great school year!  We look forward to seeing some of you at our upcoming meetings.
Your Salem PSSC
PSSC Last Year (2013-2014) in Review
The Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) had a busy and exciting year last year and we thank the PSSC volunteer members for their dedication, effort, and time invested in contributing to Salem. 
-          We have written letters of concern regarding provincial assessment process, and invited Education Department staff to present to us and have followed up with providing our input
-          We have been updated regularly on the progress for the Outdoor Classroom and have offered our support in moving this initiative forward
-          We were updated on the Grade 4 intergenerational learning project and expressed our interest in and support of such school initiatives
-          We provided feedback and input to the school's communication strategy in respect to the use of email/talkmail and school website
-          We presented parental concerns for discussion and resolution, for example, in respect to play & eating time at lunch, playground safety, fundraising goals
-          We have provided input regarding the Salem School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Positive Learning Environment and Workplace Policy (PLEWP)
-          We are working closely with staff towards including an additional goal for Salem that recognizes and highlights the importance of additional learning opportunities and experiences that build unique skill sets, build a sense of community.
-          We coordinate the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in collaboration with the Salem Home and School Association
-          We work closely with the Salem Home and School Association and provide support for their initiatives (e.g. Paint the Playground)
Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) Information Session and Elections
The Salem Elementary School Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) is looking for new members. The PSSC is a group of dedicated parents who volunteer their time to assist in aspects of the School Improvement Plan which sets academic goals and policies.  The group consists of up to 12 members who are able to participate in evening meetings approximately 6 throughout the year.  Below is a description of some of the items that the PSSC assisted with last school year.

As set out in the NB Education Act of 2001, a Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) is a school community group having an advisory relationship with the school principal. Each PSSC is a 6-12 member committee with the majority of the members being parents who are elected at a school election in September. One teacher is also elected by the school staff to sit on the committee, as well as a Home and School representative, a student, and any community members the committee wishes to appoint.

The Parent School Support Committee is a three year term of office for parent members and a one year term of office for other members. A seat may become vacant throughout the school year if a member:

  • dies or resigns.
  • was an eligible parent when elected but whose child is no longer enrolled at that school.
  • contravenes the Education Act or regulations.
  • is convicted of an indictable offence.
  • becomes an employee of that school.
  • misses 3 meetings in a 12-month period without good reason.

Parent School Support Committees meetings are established through the chair and principal of the school. The chair and the principal also set the agenda. The principal must attend all meetings and the District Education Council member representing the school may optionally attend. There must be a quorum at meetings for decisions to be made. All meetings are open meetings.​


 PSSC Members

Ada PhinneyPrincipal
Andrew WilsonMember
Deidra RiddleTeacher Representative
Laura NoelMember
Lindsay MurrayChair
Miranda ForstallMember
Nancy MahoneyMember
Robert InglisSecretary
Shelly AndersonMember

 PSSC Minutes

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