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February 18
Morning Announcements - Tuesday, Feb 18th, 2020

·        This afternoon we have Maika Branch, an MHS grade 111 student & author for Z assemblies. First one is at 1:05pm for 6A-7D (6/7G) & 1:50pm for Grades 7E-8F (7/8H). Please wait to be called down to the theatre.

·        Congratulations to the Boys Division I Basketball Team on winning their provincials this weekend! They will also be practicing today after school till 4:30pm.

·        A reminder to teachers of the 6/7 & 7/8 late immersion classes that you are covering for Mme. Allen in Room 1111 & Mme. Roy in Room 1101 respectively during the periods that you would normally teach those late immersion classes.

·        Congrats to the RMS Chess Team. Grade 8 Hunter Lutes (Top 5 in District), Grade 7 Keagan Jardine (Top 5 in District), Grade 7 Cameron Gould (3rd place going to provincials in Edmunston), Grade 6 Vrishab Khosla (2nd place – going to provincials), Grade 6 Jack Allen – Last year’s provincial champion returning to defend.



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