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February 01
Morning Announcements - Friday Feb 1/19


Friday, February 01, 2019

* Teachers please check your emails for info to share with your 1st period class. All jackets are to be in your lockers Students during class time.

* Sam from RHS is speaking to the GSA today. GSA will meet at the regular time & place.

* Today is Yellow day which is suicide prevention day, stickers in office for all

* Any students interested in participating in an intermural i.e basketball program with Mr. Fells on Tuesdays after school; please sign up in the gym with Mme. Levesque


* The $6.00 Meal Deal today will be Chicken Quesadilla, Fries or Rice, Veggies, Red Cabbage Apple Slaw & White Milk

* PLEASE have your money on your tray before you get to cash; also if you only have $1.50 you can’t buy something for more than that.​