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June 14



  • Grade 7 & 8 Math Enrichment students are invited to a potluck today in Mrs. McGhee's room during grade 8 lunch today.


  • Can all members of the boys’ softball team meet Mrs. Bampton in the gym at morning break.


  • The girls’ softball team will be playing in the semi-finals against Riverview East tomorrow, Friday, June 15th, after school on field



  • The students trying out for track & field are asked to meet Mr. Bouma in the gym at DSB today for a very important meeting.



Meals Today

  • Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl w/ Fruit         $5.25

  • Burger & Fries                                                 $5.25


**  Please note  **

  • Plastic forks, knives & spoons are $0.05 each

  • Bev has a list of students who owe the cafeteria money. Please

    check with Bev to see if your name is on the list.