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December 21
Announcements - Tuesday December 21st, 2021


Tuesday December 21, 2021

·         December Art Contest winners –

Tim Rayworth: winner for staff

Kevin Cornell 8H: winner for sculpture

Sophie Duplessis 7G: winner for drawing

Claire Goguen 6K: winner for collage

Evelyn MacDonald 8H: winner for design

Chiara Cormier 6A: Winner Best Overall

Winners can see Mrs. Dorris for prize

·         FILL THE BUS – All donations will be picked up today from members of District.

·         No Cafeteria till the new year.

·         Today is the last day for our our greade 7/8 students.

·         Reminder about Bus # 117 – and the buses that are in place instead of #117.

·         Shoutout to Mrs. Shay – she is really nice and always helps me through my hard times.

1 days till Christmas break!​