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February 12
Morning Announcement - Fri-Yay Feb 12th, 2021

Announcements     Friday February 12th, 2021


·        Art contest – February theme is Hearts. All forms of Art are accepted. Due by Feb 26th. Hand in to Mrs. Dorris.

·        Staff Appreciation Week – Feb 8 -12th. Thank you, thank you, thank you too all the kind parents and staff for the lovely treats this week.

·        Spirit Committee will be handing out candygrams this am during SEL.

·        Mural Sign up sheet – Mr. Hocking will come get each student for the painting

·        Student Voice will have a meeting on Tuesday Feb 16 in the theatre at 12pm. Pizza will be provided.  



·        Gage for being funny.

·        Gregor for being the best friend ever.

·        Mr. Koberinski for being so kind & respectful to everyone​