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June 18
June 18-22 @ QES

​Monday, June 18-

-K-2 field day (indoors due to weather)

-4A & 5CLP field trip to U de M

-No breakfast club or cafeteria services this week

-ROCKSTAR picnic at noon for grade 8 ROCKSTARs


Tuesday, June 19

-3-5 field day

-Grade 8 trip to Halifax


Wednesday, June 20

-Grade 5 Mallais-Grant and 5 LeBlanc-Parlee trip to Fort Beausejour


Thursday, June 21

-Middle School awards night  &dance 6:00-9:00pm


Friday, June 22

-Recognition assembly

-Student dismissal at 11:45am


Have a safe and enjoyable summer!  See you back on September 4!


June 11
June 11-15 @ QES

​Monday, June 11

-Our new absence management program goes live today!  


  1. Call toll-free 1-833-202-4304
  2. Sign in: https://go.schoolmessenger.ca
  3. Download the SchoolMessenger app

Absences should be reported before the start of the school day. This system is available 24 hours/day. Please do not contact the school directly to report an absence.

-On the back field at Queen Elizabeth School @1:45pm, students in gr.6 will be flying their very own kites! These were created with kite templates donated by Marion Steeves, of the American Kite Association.  She will be on site to assist the students.  This project supports science outcomes on flight and art outcomes; students created their kites as a tribute to reknown Native Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau. 

Tuesday, June 12

-Grade 3 immersion field trip to Petitcodiac Sportman’s Club

Wednesday, June 13

-Last Teen Talks (topic - Make Up J) afterschool until 4pm for elct grade 7 and 8 girls

Friday, June 15

Grade 3 field trip to Resurgo Place

Last day for cafeteria services and breakfast program

BBQ hosted by H&S for grade 8 students @lunch in tech lab​

June 03
Safe Arrival- new system- starts June 11

Anglophone East is happy to inform you that we have made changes to our absence reporting system.  SafeArrival is an absence management system that improves student safety and makes it easy for you to let the school know about your child’s absence. SafeArrival will be active on June 11 at Queen Elizabeth School.

This system will contact you each time your child is NOT in school at the beginning of the day AND we have not had an ABSENCE REPORTED BY 8:45 A.M. using the methods below. We ask that all parents use this system to report your child’s absence for the month of June as this will be the district system moving forward in September.

Report an absence using one of these convenient methods:

  1. SchoolMessenger app (free)

  1. Provide your email address to the school.

  2. Get the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (or from the links at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca).

  3. Tap Sign Up to create your account. (Ensure your account is showing in Canada)

  4. Select Attendance from the menu, and then select Report an Absence.

2. Web and Mobile Web: go.schoolmessenger.ca

1.    Provide your email address to the school.

2.    Go to the website.

3.    Click Sign Up to create your account.

4.    Select Attendance from the menu, then select Report an Absence

3. Interactive Toll-free Phone

1.    Call the toll-free, interactive telephone system.


2.    Follow the instructions to report an absence.


Absences can be reported in advance:

  • 24 hours/day

  • 7 days a week

  • For any school day in the school year - Up to the 8:45 a.m. on the day of the absence.

Whenever an absence is reported or updated, you will receive a confirmation notice by email and/or text message (it is important that you have provided your contact information to the school).


If you don’t report your child’s absence in advance, the automated notification system will try to contact you (using the communication preferences if you have set them up in the SchoolMessenger app). This may include push notifications to the app, email, SMS text message (in September), and phone calls. You will be asked to provide the reason for your child’s absence immediately. You may do so using the phone line, website or mobile app.

This system will contact you each time your child is not in class at the beginning of the day and we do not have an absence reported through the parent system. Schools will not accept absences reported to the school or left on voicemail – all parents are required to use this system to report an absence.

If you do receive notifications of your child’s absence, be sure to provide the reason as quickly as possible (within 15 minutes), using one of the three methods listed or respond to the notification or phone call itself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a SchoolMessenger app account?

A SchoolMessenger app account is not required as you can use the toll-free phone line to report absences. However, we recommend that you provide your email address to the school and set up your SchoolMessenger app account. This allows you to review and update absences, review your contact information and communication preferences and more.

Once you have set up your account, choose ATTENDANCE from the menu.

If you cannot set up your account, you do not see the ATTENDANCE option, or you do not see your child(ren) listed in your account please confirm that you setup your account on the Canadian site and not the American site. You can also contact the school directly to check that your correct email address is associated with your child(ren).

How do I use the toll-free phone line?

When you call the toll-free phone line
1-833-202-4304, follow the instructions for reporting an absence. If the phone number you are calling from matches a phone number on file with the school for your student(s), you will hear your student’(s) name(s). If the system doesn’t recognize your caller ID, you will be asked to enter the student’s home phone number. You will also be asked if calling from a home phone to set up a 4 digit pin. If you have difficulty using the toll-free phone line, please consider using the SchoolMessenger mobile app or website.

My child was only late why did I get called?

If your child is not present at school when attendance is completed in the morning you will need to report that before 8:45 a.m. otherwise you will be called.

Can I still call the school to report an absence?

The system is set up for you to report the absences. Schools will not accept absences reported to the school or left on voicemail – all parents are required to use this system to report an absence.



June 03
June 4-8 @ QES

​Monday, June 4

-June newsletter goes home! 

-ROCKSTAR leadership training 2-3:30pm

Tuesday, June 5

-Grade 3 field trip to Dieppe Aquatic Centre

-Grade 4 Allain & 5 LeBlanc-Parlee field trip to Resurgo & Aberdeen Cultural Centre

-Partners for Youth field trip to Sackville Wetlands for select grade 7&8 students

Wednesday, June 6

-Night of the Arts!  5:15pm BBQ sales start, 5:30pm Doors open, 6:30pm Live music show starts (approx. 20 mins), 7:00pm Event ends- Dessert auction & raffle ticket winners announced

Friday, June 8

-Last day for online cafeteria orders

-H&S Sports Night 6:15-7:30pm

Make it a GREAT week!  Hope to see everyone on Wednesday to celebrate the Night of the Arts!


May 14
May 14-17@ QES

​Wednesday, May 16- Grade 7 vaccination clinic

Thursday, May 17- HALF DAY.  NO SCHOOL IN THE AFTERNOON.  K-2 dismissal at 11:30am, 3-8 at noon.

Friday, May 18- NO SCHOOL.  Staff professional learning.

Monday, May 21- NO SCHOOL.  Victoria Day holiday.


Yo-Yo Sale will happen every day at recess in the lobby.  Prices are $10, $15 and $20.  No forms required.  Simply bring money in and check out the table set up at recess.


May 04
Around the World Yo Yo Entertainment Assembly

​On Friday, May 11 students are invited to attend an assembly at 10:30am in the gym.  Check out the document section for more details.

May 04
May 6-11 @ QES

​Tuesday, May 8- ROCKSTAR applications due for new recruits

Friday, May 11-Around the World Yo Yo Entertainment assesmbly. 

H&S Sports Night 6:15-7:30pm

April 29
Parent Workshop-Thursday, May 3 6pm @ Birchmount School

Youth Trends:  Modern Kids, Modern Issues, Modern Truths

This parent workshop is taking place Thursday, May 3rd, 6-7pm in the Birchmount School library.  This interactive & informative workshop is designed to generate awareness, thought and conversation in adults and youth alike.  Through an entertaining presentation full of stories and examples paired with powerful imagery, a wide array of modern themes, trends and patterns that affect youth today will be examined ranging from sexuality, mental health, addiction, online activities and more.  A valuable experience for any parent!

April 29
April 30-May 4 @QES

​Tuesday, May 1- May newsletter sent home with students

Wednesday, May 2- Rockstar recruitment session 11:50am in room 219.  All grade 7 students are invited to attend.

Thursday, May 2- UNB Math competition at U de M- select grade 7 and 8 students

-Youth Trends - parent workshop 6:00-7:00pm Birchmount School Library



Make it a great week!

April 22
April 23-April 27 @ QES

​It looks like Spring will finally arrive weatherwise this week!  Let's get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and warm weather!

Monday, April 23- QES would like to welcome interns from Oulton College and NBCC who will be completing their on the job placements at QES over the next 6 weeks.  They will be working in various classrooms under the mentorship of our educational assistants.  Welcome to the QES community

-Frye Festival- QES welcomes author Deborah Ellis who will present to our students as part of the Frye Literary Festival

Tuesday, April 24- Adminstrative Professionals Day:  Please join the staff of QES in extending gratitude to Becky Murphy and Janice Thebeau, who work in our main office.  They make QES a better place and we are fortunate to have such amazing administrative professionals in our school.  Thank-you Becky & Janice!

Wednesday, April 25- ROCKSTAR outing to Southeast ECO360.

Provincial Assessments-  Grade 4 and grade 6 students will be participating in the Provincial Assessment Program in the upcoming weeks.  Parent Information Bulletins were sent home with parents.  For information, please check out:



Make it a great week!


April 17
2018 Provincial Assessment Information

The following Provincial Assessments will be administered this spring:

·         Grade 2 Reading (May 22 – June 1): This assessment is the same as in the past.

·         Grade 4 Reading, Math, Science, and FSL Reading (for FI students only) (May 22 – June 1)

·         Grade 6 Reading, Math, Science, and FSL Reading (PIF and FI students) (May 28 – June 8)


Please see the attached documents for information on the grade 4 & 6 assessments.  The Information Bulletin for Parents and Guardians can also be found on the GNB website using the link below.


April 15
April 16-20 @ QES

​Thank-you to everyone who attended our parent teacher sessions on Thursday and Friday.  If you didn't make it, please contact your child's homeroom teacher to schedule a time to meet at 856-3447.  Parents play a role in education.  Active participation in your child's education makes a difference!  Do you part and get involved!

Gratitude goes out to Brenda Wilson and all the other volunteers who hosted the Scholastic Book Fair last week at the school!  We appreciate the time our volunteers give to offer these opportunities for our students.  Thank-you!

Wednesday, April 18- PSSC meeting at 6:30pm

Friday, April 20- Visit to NBCC for grade 7&8 students- Try a Trade event

12:35pm- Recognition assemly in the gym

Home & School Sports Night 6:15-7:30pm

Make it a GREAT week!

April 15
QES Honours Humboldt Broncos

​Thanks to everyone who honored the Humboldt Broncos by sporting a jersey on Thursday and who made donations.  The QES school community raised $318.20 for the cause.  QES is kind. 

April 10
2018 Summer Camp Registration now OPEN!




Early Registration - ALL CAMPS $10 OFF - Until April 30th 








Advanced Camps


Take your child's Lego experience to the next level with this engaging camp that offers all the fun and learning of Lego PLUS the challenge of computer programming and creating your very own movie! 

  • Robotics Competition
  • Model Designer
  • Drone Filming
  • Stop Motion Animation


General Camps


A Bricks4Kidz camp is a fresh and fun way for kids to spend their summer vacation with plenty of time for outdoor games, activities, and plenty of brick building!


  • Interesting Inventions
  • Wheels in Motion
  • Space Adventure
  • Amazing Animals
  • 3D Printing


Full Day Bilingual Camp 

from 9am to 5pm

April registration discount!


10% sibling discount!


10% Multiple week discount!


All kids will receive Bricks4Kidz kit (Water bottle, lanyard, pencil, mini-photo, certificate within a drawstring back pack)


Looking for Educational Camp? 



Advanced Robotics 

Campers will be captivated as they incorporate the newest generation of motors, sensors and software by programming their commands directly into the intelligent bricks. Our endless list of builds is sure to provide the complete fundamental components of robotics at its best.


Model Designer

Campers will learn the function of different LEGO components and discover how all those components can work together to create all kinds of solid structures and moving parts. At the completion of the camp, each child will have the opportunity to present his or her own design.


FLL Challenge

First Lego League is know for robot game and project, FLL teams research real-world problem and to develop a solution. Campers will design, build, program robot using different components and compete on a table-top playing field.


3D Printing

Do you want to draw in the air? When campers finish their model building, they can use 3D Printing Pen to draw their models on surface or, in the air! Work in similar way to 3D printers, 3D Pen allows campers to produce three-dimensional shapes as they build with LEGO pieces!


Drone with Camera

Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have no human pilot onboard, and instead are either controlled by a person on the ground or autonomously via a computer program. Campers will learn drone related safety regulations and basics of flight. They can control their drones to make their movies when they have race using their models built.  


Stop Motion Animation

Working as a team, campers will use LEGO components to build sets and props, and then shoot their movie using a digital camera. 

Teams will learn movie-making software to add special effects, titles,

credits and more. Your child will be able to impress friends and family with a screening on the last day and of course a digital copy of all the groups movies to take home. 




Brick4KidzNB, (506)854-5439, 378 Coverdale Road, Riverview, NB E1B 3J7 Canada



Sent by nb@bricks4kidz.com in collaboration with


April 08
April Newsletter

​Our April newsletter was sent home with students on Tuesday, April 3 and is now posted in the document section!  Check it out to stay up-to-date and in-the know of events at QES!

April 08
ROCKSTARS- Water Project

On April 20th, our ROCKstars will be participating in a Walk for Water which will be fulfilling their global initiative as a WE School. Our Walk for Water will help raise funds to secure access to clean water sources for individuals in developing countries. Our ROCKSTAR team have committed to raising enough to support 10 people with clean water. This is a $250 dollar endeavour.

There will be fundraisers going on through the month of April and we need your support! 

You can help us by supporting our popcorn sale on Thursday, April 12, Walk for Water table with our “Create Change” contribution jar on the evening of our Parent-Teacher interviews, and visiting our CrowdRise link (https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/queen-elizabeth-we-walk-for-water-fundraiser/bethedison) to contribute and donate to this cause. 

Thanks for your support!  QES community is kind! 

April 08
April 9-13 @ QES

Tuesday, April 10

Scholastic Bookfair in the science lab begins!​

Wednesday, April 11: 

Scholastic Book fair is open!

Popcorn sale at recess in the lobby.  Cost $1.00.  All proceeds for the ROCKSTARs Water Project.

Thursday, April 12: 

Parent teacher interviews 6:00-8:00pm

Friday, April 13: 

NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS.  Parent teacher interviews 9-11am.  Staff professional learning in the afternoon. 


March 25
March 26-29 @ QES

​Spring Fair- Thank-you to everyone who came out to support the Spring Fair on Saturday!  $1063 was raised that will support Home & School initiatives at the school.  QES community is kind!

Tuesday, March 27- Last day for H&S Popcorn & Saving Pass  Fundraiser.  All forms and money to be returned to school.

Friday, March 30- GOOD FRIDAY.  NO SCHOOL.


Tuesday, April 3- April newsletters will be sent home with students. 

Friday, April 6- Report cards will be sent home with students.

Make it a GREAT week!


March 18
March 19-23 @ QES

-​The H&S Popcorn and Saving Pass fundraiser continues this week! 

-The grades 3-6 Immersion classes will be celebrating Semaine de la Fierte Francaise, March 19 to 23, at QES.  Students will celebrate local French culture with music, food and games.  Christine Melanson, a French singer from Université de Moncton, will be at QE to do a performance during the week.

-Thursday, March 22- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS.  Staff professional learning day.

-Friday, March 23- STEM EXPO at NBCC Moncton.  Check out Anglophone East website for more details, H&S Sports  Night- 6:15-7:30pm

March 18
March Newsletter

​Please find a revised copy of our March newsletter in the document section of this site.  Please note the following changes to the Home & School section:

SPRING FAIR - On Saturday, March 24, 10:00am-3:00pm, we will be hosting a SPRING FAIR!  The Fair will include crafts, specialty items, food vendors and other surprises!  We are now booking tables for the event.  All funds raised will be used to support school activities. The Easter Bunny will be at the Spring Fair for photo ops!  Admission is $1.00 for adults, kids are free.  For more information, please contact Brenda Wilson @ bwilson1711@hotmail.com.



March 18
Popcorn & Saving Pass Fundraiser

​The QES Home & School are hosting a popcon and saving pass fundraiser March 13-27th.  Please see the document section for more details or check out the QES Home & School facebook page.

Please note the saving passes are $20.00 each.

February 26
February 26-March 2 @ QES

​Wednesday, February 28- Young & POwerful Minds 10:15-11:15am

Mad Science

Thursday, February 29- Zumba 12:12pm-1235pm in the gym

Friday, March 2- Last day before March break!

March Break- March 5-9. No school for students.

Monday, March 12-First day back!

February 19
February 20-23@ QES

​Tuesday, February 20- QES Papa John's Pizza Night.  Mountain Road location only.

Wednesday, February 21- Young & Powerful Minds 10:15-11:15am

-Mad Science

Thursday, February 22- Zumba at noon for K-4 students

Friday, February 23- Grade 6 Gallant ROCK-A-THON


February 11

​Thanks to the tremendous support of our QES community, the ROCKSTARs presented a cheque for $1112.60 during the C103/New Country 96.9 Friend of the Moncton Hospital Radiothon on Friday, February 9!  Thanks to everyone who participated in theme week, bought popcorn and to our staff who donated all casual day money to the cause!  QES is KIND!




February 11
February 12-16 @ QES

Staff Appreciation Week- In collaboration with our Home & School, we are celebrating and honoring the staff of QES this week.  Please be sure to take a minute to express gratitude to our staff for all they do to make QES a great place to learn and grow! ​

Wednesday, February 14:

-Valentine's Day!  Wear red & pink

-Young & Powerful Minds 10:15-11:15am

-Mad Science

Thursday, February 15:

-HALF DAY FOR STUDENTS: k-2 dismissed at 11:30am; grades 3-8 at noon

-SAVY SIMON assembly for grades 3-5 9am-10am.

Friday, February 16:

-H&S Sports Night 6:15-7:30pm



February 04
February 5-9 @ QES!

THE QES STUDENT LEADERSHIP GROUP ARE SUPPORTING THE C103/New Country 96.9 RADIOTHON in support of the Friends of the Moncton Hospital.  THE RADIOTHON RAISES MONEY TO PURCHASE LEADING-EDGE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. Cost is $1 per day, or send in $4 which will pay for all days of participation.  All donations accepted!  Students will receive a ballot for each day they participate for a chance to win a daily prize!  You can pay online at school cash online.


Monday, Feb.5  :  Pyjama Day

-Popcorn sale at recess.  $1.00 various flavours

-February newsletter will be sent home.  Check you child's bookbag.


Tuesday, Feb. 6: Jersey/Uniform/Favourite Team Day


Wednesday, Feb. 7   Twin Day (dress like your friends)

-Global School Play Day:  Restoring unstructured play to a generation of kids!

-Earth Rangers assembly: grades 1-6, 9:00-10:00am


Thursday, Feb. 8       Crazy hair/hat/hoodie Day

-Middle school dance (grades 6-8) 6:30-8pm


Friday, Feb. 9            Spirit Day/Blue & White Day

-Radiothon:  ROCKSTARs will be attending the event to present a cheque on behalf of our school.  Tune in to find out our grand total! 



January 28

Have you or someone you know received healthcare at the Moncton Hospital?  The QES leadership group, the ROCKSTARs, are proud to be supporting the C103/New Country 96.9 Friends of the Moncton Hospital Radiothon again this year.  The money raised at the Radiothon will be used to purchase medical equipment at the hospital. 


We would like to invite students to help us support the Radiothon by participating in “theme days.”  We ask that students contribute a minimum of $1.00 to participate in each theme day (or $4.00 for all 5 days).  Money can be sent in with your child each day, as a lump sum, or payment made on School Cash Online https://district2.schoolcashonline.com/.  Should you wish to contribute more money, all donations will be accepted! 


Our goal is to raise $1000 as a school.  Last year we raised $920!

The ROCKSTARs will be around to collect donations each morning.  All students who participate will receive a ballot for daily prize draws. 


Monday, February 5        Pajama Day

Tuesday, February 6       Jersey/uniform/favourite team day

Wednesday, February 7          Twin Day/superhero day

Thursday, February 8             Crazy hair/hat/hoodie day

Friday, February 9          Spirit day/Blue & White day


In support of the event, staff will be donating their casual day funds in January and February to the cause, and the ROCKSTARs are hosting two popcorn sales. 

The ROCKSTARs are proud to support this initiative and we hope we can count on your help to reach our goal!




The ROCKSTARs (grade 8 leadership students)

January 28
January 29-February 2 @ QES

Wednesday, January ​31- Zumba in the gym 12:12-12:35pm for K-4 students.

Friday, February 2- POPCORN SALE @ RECESS hosted by the ROCKSTARs.  $1.00 various flavours.  All proceeds for the Friends of the Moncton Hospital Radiothon.

H&S Sports Night 6:15-7:30pm in the gym


January 21
Bus Drivers Needed!

Anglophone East School District is currently seeking new casual drivers in all regions of the District. As in most years there are higher need in some areas more than others. currently we are seeking new casual drivers in all regions of the District. 


The Provincial training course will happen  Feb. 5th to the 9th.  


Please contact: PatSteeves@gnb.ca or Shelley.Manderville-Murphy@gnb.ca if you would like more information or if you have any questions.









January 21
January 22-26 @ QES

​Monday, January 22- Health presentation for grade 8 students at 12:40pm

Tuesday, January 23-Papa John’s QES Pizza Night, 639 Mountain Road location only

Wednesday, January 24- Partners for Youth Event for some grade 7 students

-Zumba at 12:12pm for K-4 in the gym

Friday, January 26 H&S Friday Night Sports Night 6:15-7:30pm


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