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February 25
February 25th Announcements

​A special thank you for all the grads and others who helped with this Saturday and Sundays bake sale at the arena. You have all helped pave the way for our graduating class to mobe on step closer to bowling and frolicking glory!

HS Girls Volleyball tryouts today in the gym. Warm up begins at 3pm. Grueling workout begins at 3:15

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day. Please wear pink as a symbol that acceptance and kindness matter.

1) The first message is a reminder to all students that the Drama Club will be selling Dairy Queen Dilly Bars to students all week at the price of 1.50$. Middle school students can purchase their bars in the cafeteria at lunch and high school students can purchase their bars at morning break in the cafeteria also.

2) The second announcement is for high school students that would be interested in working on a stage crew. High school drama club is currently looking for new members for its stage crew. If you are interested, there will be a short meeting at 12:oo today in the theater.

3) This is also a reminder that high school drama club members should also attend the meeting at 12:00 in the theater.

4) The next few announcements are for middle school drama club. First of all this is a reminder that there is no middle school rehearsal scheduled for today after school. There are two rehearsals scheduled this week. The first will be on Wednesday in the cafeteria from 3:00 - 4:30 for Fairies, Peter and Darling Family. The other rehearsal will be on Thursday in the theater from 3:00 - 4:00 with stage and sound crew. Please be sure to check the dates on the updated schedule correctly. 















5) Middle school students will be receiving their March rehearsal schedule on Friday, including details for the Saturday rehearsal.