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February 05
February 5th Announcements

There is a sign up sheet for the prom decoration committee at the office.

Attention all students, Drama Club will be selling roses and candy grams for Valentine's Day starting tomorrow. Roses will be 2.50$ and candy grams 1.50$. High school students will be able to purchase items at the morning break and the middle school students will be able to make orders at lunch. All items will be delivered to students on Friday, February 14th. Please ask the students selling the items if you have any questions.

Dornan Driving School will be set up in the T hall at lunch for anyone who would like more information.

If you are considering a career in welding, machining or metal fabrication and would be interested in visiting NBCC to learn more please sign up at the office by noon tomorrow.

Could evertone that signed up to be a grade rep for student council or would like to please go to the student council room tomorrow at the beginning of lunch.

Congratulations to the middle school girls basketball team as they defeated Queen Elizabeth yesterday. Top scorer for PRS was Alexis Thorne with 14 points. Good luck to the girls as they play Sunny Brae Thursday.