School Staff Directory

Mrs. AylesTeacher
Grade 3
Mrs. BannisterEducational Assistant
Mr. HamerTeacher
Grade 4
Ms. PattersonTeacher
Ms. JacksonTeacher
Middle School and High School Art
Ms. O'BrianTeacher
Grade 6 ELA, Social Studies
Mrs. RossTeacher
Grade 2
Mrs. KillamTeacher
Mr. WoodworthTeacher
Physical Education
Mrs. RobinsonEducational Assistant
Mrs. JonesTeacher
High School English
Theatre Arts 120
Ms. MacLeanTeacher
K-5 Physical Education
Mrs. McGrathResource Teacher
High School Resource Teacher
Ms. CarterTeacher
7 Social Studies
7 Health
Mrs. SilverthornTeacher
Mr. MersereauTeacher
On Educational Leave 2019-2020
Mme McLaughlinTeacher
Grade 6, 7  FI Math and Science
Mme LeblancTeacher
Grade 3 French Immersion
Ms. RempeTeacher
Grade 7 & 8 Math and Science
Mrs. MacleodEducational Assistant
Ms. Johnston-LovelyVice-Principal
K-5 Vice Principal
Ms. ProsserPrincipal
Mr. DallaireTeacher
Physics, Chemistry, Intro Applied Tech, Mill and Cabinet, Framing and Sheathing
Mr. ThibodeauTeacher
PIF 9, F.I. Social Studies, F.I. Law, P.E. Leadership, Outdoor Pursuits, F.I. Social Studies 10, F.I.L.A. 9
Mrs. RideoutTeacher
Culinary Tech., Pre Calculus, Math 10 & 11, CAD
Mrs. KeatingTeacher
English 9, English 123, Media Studies120
Ms. BourqueTeacher
On Leave September 2019 - January 2020
Mrs. DorkenTeacher
Grade 4
Mrs. SteevesTeacher
Grade 1
Mrs. HicksTeacher
Grades 2/3
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