Special Announcements: Exciting Volunteer Opportunities


Exciting Volunteer Opportunities


Dear Parents, Here at Northrop Frye School we have many opportunities for you and your child’s community members to share and contribute to your students education. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, even family friends can be an invaluable resource to their education. If you or other family or friends are interested and can share some time with the school, check the opportunities listed below. Opportunities to share your time: Any adult/older people with good life experiences (good stories) to share with students. Maybe politicians, or military people, someone who’s been very successful in a fun field of work -actors, writers, musician, athletes, etc. Wellness Activities/special skills – yoga, origami, martial arts, etc Yoga instructor - breathing/relaxing techniques English and French speaking adults to read with students Grade 5 Science support Grade 3,4,5 Classroom helper- copying, organizing, making math games Lunchtime Chess/crib club Knitting club/ Rug hooking Grade 4- To read English to immersion class Cheerleading We require a criminal record check which is done pretty quickly and painlessly, we provide a letter to present to the RCMP (there is no charge to you with the letter). The district has a policy to review online (Policy 701), http://701.nbed.nb.ca/toc-e.asp , answer the questionnaire http://701.nbed.nb.ca/questionnaire-e.asp , have it printed, signed and brought into the school with your criminal record check and the Volunteer application.http://web1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-E/volunteer/Documents/volunteer-application.pdf .




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