School Boundary

North Boundary: Corner of Route 490 and McLean, Old Sherwood North, Fisher Hill, Coates Mils South, Route 525 until Bridge (Civic 1382), Leopold Goguen, du Paradis, Saint-Joseph (Until overpass of Route 11)

West boundary: Corner of Indian Mountain and Victoria, Victoria, Garland, Corner of New Scotland and Route 126 (Excluding Route 126), Corner of Villages-des-Cormier and Route 485 (Excluding Route 485), Intersection of Route 490, Fisher Hill and Route 485 (Excluding Route 45), Old Sherwood North,

East boundary: Route 11, Corner of Sheridan and Route 11, Corner of Route 115 and Route 11, Saint-Gregoire, Renauds Mills Rd, Goudalie, Corner of Murray and Route 535 (680 Route 535), Cocagne Sud (Until just before R. Goguen), Whites Settlement,

South Boundary: MacDougall until Corner of Shediac River, Shediac River until Steel Bridge, Cape Breton until Corner of Elmwood, de L’Eglise, Corner of Saint-Philippe and Bateman Mill, Bateman Mill from Corner of Weisner to Corner of Saint-Philippe, Weisner from Corner of Bateman Mill to Saint-Philippe, Caissie, Valley Ranch, Corner of Route 490 and Ammon, Birch Hill, Tara, Sugar Camp Trail.

Boundary Map